NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As the old song goes, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Unfortunately for New York, more people are choosing to leave the Big Apple and go “anywhere” but here.

According to U.S. Census data released Monday, people are leaving New York at a faster rate than nearly any other state in the nation.

For the fourth straight year, the state’s population decreased as the number of residents choosing to go elsewhere outpaced the number of births, new residents moving in, and people immigrating to the Empire State.

New York is one of only 10 states to see their population go down between 2018 and 2019, according to a study by the Empire Center for Public Policy.

“New York has lost nearly 1.4 million residents to the rest of the country since 2010 – and largely as a result of this outflow, the Empire State’s total population barely budged during the decade,” a Dec. 30 Empire Center release said.

“The cost of living in New York — the high taxes, regulations and housing costs — are making it untenable to live the American dream here,” Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli told the New York Post.

The report did not make an assumption on why so many people are choosing to leave New York State.

In 2019 the state saw its population drop by 76,000 people — about 0.4 percent overall — the largest decline of any state in the U.S. last year.

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  1. prettyproblemz says:

    Born and raised in NY but i decided it was best to leave over 5 years ago! Couldn’t handle $2.75 per train ride plus $1,550 rent no utilities included. no help from the city period! Raising a small child in NY is impossible unless you have 2 or more jobs at once! living with mice for that amount of money is just ridiculous! i’m only a few hours away & have a huge house for a 1/4 of the rent in NY. I will never move back!

  2. Larry says:

    Don’t forget, NY gave us the greatest president in this century and possibly since our nation started.

  3. DANNO says:

    I saw the writing on the wall when I discovered that generous, taxpayer-funded public employee unions and pensions were protected by the state constitution. New York is headed for insolvency, and there is no possibility of reform.

  4. Malcolm Cranston says:

    As a middle class homeowner I left New York because property taxes continued to go up as quality of life in the state deteriorated. My problem was that I was too well off for Welfare and too poor to vote Democrat.

  5. Michael Little says:

    Please don’t move to South Carolina. Please don’t bring your sh**ty liberal voting habits to the south.

  6. Chilquiyyah says:

    And if they cannot tax them enough, they kill the babies and make it constitutional.

  7. Thomas says:

    New Yorkers are moving here. New immigrants are moving here. Makes driving more exciting, but I learned defensive and offensive driving in Los Angeles

    1. Thomas says:

      By “here”, I mean Dallas.

  8. WesternNY says:

    We had to move to NY state to care for elderly parents not far from the border in Canada (couldn’t leave the country due to work). Fortunately, we’re as far away from NYC as we can be, but we have to pay taxes to support the angry socialists who live there while our own area suffers. Our property and school taxes are crippling, so retiring here ourselves would be very difficult. Cuomo and Diblasio are to blame…and the welfare recipients and elitist liberals who support them. Ooops! Now they know how I feel. Looking forward to my upcoming tax audit!

  9. Hopefully Conservatives moving to Conservative states. Rich Liberals just buy their way out of the ineffective policies they vote for… Hopefully SJW’s will take over NY and California and just stay there.

    1. Michael Little says:

      Unfortunately liberals don’t understand why their voting has destroyed their state. They will move to a conservative state and ruin it like cancer or a hideous virus. They will never learn.

  10. Bobby Cullari says:

    When you punish the productive with high taxes, stifling regulation and vilification, don’t be surprised when they move to a more friendly state. ADIOS UTOPIA!

  11. Jeff Lilly says:

    Yeah great…. they leave the mess they created and move elsewhere with their baggage and habits that caused them to leave in the first place! YOU made your bed.. lay in it!

  12. joe says:

    Down here in Dixie we shoot varmints.We do not elect them to office.

  13. joe says:

    Their liberal policies have caught up with them.Even the malignant —t cortez’s mother left.

  14. Psalmon says:

    People commenting here they are “stuck” due to jobs, homes, family…WHY DON’T YOU ALL VOTE OUT THE IDIOTS RUNNING NY INTO THE GROUND??? De Blasio? Cuomo? Albany is as crooked as they get. How about staying and firing these imbeciles?

  15. wjm980 says:

    There are huge numbers of us who are stuck here because of our jobs. Once we retire, adios N.Y.

  16. Zephyr Onyx says:

    I grew up in NYC, and moved away in 1973. The City became a mess by the late 70s with skyrocketing murder and violent crime rate, bombed out looking South Bronx, and there was even talk of bankruptcy. By the 90s, and into the first half dozen years of this century, NYC entered its modern golden era. I came frequently to visit in the Guiliani/ Bloomberg era when NY was safe, well-run, clean (for NY), revitalized and well-patroled by police who were respected and didn’t have liquid dumped on their heads. NYC went to crap under de Blasio. Worst NY mayor in decades. I can’t believe New Yorkers re-elected him. Crime is rising. Citizens are being attacked and singled out by religion (i.e. rash of anti-semitic attacks), the police turn their backs on their mayor and vice versa. AOC, who is nothing more than an ill-informed child is elected to office. She takes the side of criminals encouraging them to jump turnstiles, and causes the City to lose jobs. This week NY eliminated cash bail for many (maybe most) crimes so expect crime to rise. I no longer visit NYC. As B.B. King used to sing — the thrill is gone. Two years ago, I left San Francisco after 30 years, another city that used to be great. What happened to the Democrats (used to be one). They can’t run a decent city and all they care about is impeaching the President. They don’t even believe in free speech or due process. Bye to NY and CA.

    1. Roland says:

      You are the voice of America- things won’t change until people wake up as you have,

  17. Vreeland says:

    The big problem is the Liberals who allowed New York to become the hell hole it now is, are moving to nice places like Asheville North Carolina and turning them into future hell holes

  18. John C. Tripp says:

    Grew up in Ithaca and Oneonta, then lived in NYC. I still love New York, it’s who I am. I love the rolling hills, the dairy farms, the rivers, lakes, small towns, and the city. I’m sorry, but New York is a beautiful, diverse, dynamic state that gave birth to religious movements, suffrage, industry and commerce. Without New York, the entire USA wouldn’t have happened. And in 100 years it will be the new South, because climate change will make all of those “hot” new places unliveable. I would tell anyone who’s down on NY now to think about the future.

    1. Beth White says:

      But you can’t point to any change that has already happened. Maybe the climate will change. It is a 50 – 50 chance that it will get hotter or colder. Or maybe it will stay the same for a while. The only sure thing is the fact that nobody understands the climate well enough to predict what its going to do.

    2. Kirk Dunlevy says:

      By the time NY and the entire northeast turns around we’ll be dead. They will have to legalize all the drugs to maintain revenues to fuel their big fat government pension for the public sector unions they serve. They will destroy all cultural norms, and societal structure. NYC is already in anarchy and there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle, in fact Dems don’t want order, they want chaos, and a drugged citizenry.


    It is ATLAS SHRUGGED. Don’t you get it? read the book and get real people

  20. Charles Hargow says:

    Have no desire to live in NY.

  21. Jmick66 says:

    Well, dont come with your effing “New York state of mind” and your leftist nonsense, and the same goes to Californians.

    The welcome mat has spikes so welcome here but be careful not to fall. It could be deadly.

  22. Who doesn’t want to live under the benevolent fist of baby Doc Cuomo?

  23. Tim Corrigan says:

    New Yorkers deserve their misery, they vote in the Democrats who have been destroying the state for years and years. I avoid NY at all costs.

  24. Kyzer Sose says:

    Cuomo and DeBlasio know exactly what they are doing.
    Do you want to know what they are doing and why? Study “The Curley Effect”.


      HEY MOE!

  25. Jennifer W says:

    New York’s decline is well-deserved. The idiots in Albany & NYC continue to tax & regulate its citizens with no regard to reality. Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, & Texas appear to be gaining new citizens, who are fed up with high taxes & Democrats with no common sense, by the bus load. So long Cuomo & DeBlasio, you’ve done a great job of destroying the Empire State.

  26. Bob Brown says:

    I would not encourage anyone to settle in this state. At 60 an as a business owner here, they have made it really tough for me. If I where younger, I would move in a hearbeat. In upstate it is not as bad as down state, but we still suffer all of the stupidity from those in Albany and the City.

  27. Tom says:

    Too many kykes and lgbts…………………………..

    1. addieharris says:

      Move to 1939 and your problems will be over.

  28. Yankee Doodle says:

    Only Independents and Republican should be allowed to leave states that always vote Democrat in national elections.

    Democrats should have to live in the s**t piles they create, not move and ruin other states with their voting stupidity.

  29. Joe says:

    Hmm Wonder why. If you are not on Welfare food stamps or an illegal you are not welcome in NY anymore. Both Dicblasio,& Fredo have ruined the great state of NY. I have lived here all my life and now more then ever I am leaving too. It is a lost cause with all the LIBTARDS that have taken over and ruined this state.

  30. busseja says:

    On the march to a truly bifurcated society. Few filthy rich and lots of poor. Not much inbetween.

  31. Joe says:

    Hmm Wonder why. Cuomo is a POS and DeBlasio is a MORON. The both of them have ruined the great state of NY. I have lived here all my life and now more then ever I am leaving too. It is a lost cause with all the LIBTARDS that have taken over and ruined this state.

  32. Joe says:

    Hmm Wonder why. Cuomo is a POS and DeBlasio is a MORON. The both of them have ruined the great state of NY. I have lived here all my life and now more then ever I am leaving too. It is a lost cause with all the LIBTARDS that have taken over and ruined this state.

  33. Ray Sampson says:

    Illegal Aliens are far more than making up for those leaving.So this Census Data is nonsense, and all the Liberal N.Y. politicians are well aware of this. Economics does not affect illegals as it does legal residents. They pack into apartments 10 to a room. Take shifts for sleeping and work four jobs to send the money back home. That’s why the Rich loves them.

  34. Joe says:

    Hmm Wonder why. Cuomo is a thug and DeBlasio is a MORON. The both of them have ruined the great state of NY. I have lived here all my life and now more then ever I am leaving too. It is a lost cause with all the LIBTARDS that have taken over and ruined this state.

  35. Mark Marchiafava says:

    Long overdue

  36. LC Benderson says:

    I think liberals who vote in Democrats and who ruin their State(s) with toxic policies should be forced to stay there and endure the fallout. I wonder if New York looking like a violent third world country has as much to do with the exodus as the crazy socialist price tags that bankrupt any/all of the people actually willing to work and not just live off the socialist dole programs. California is the same way. My family can’t wait to get out of here, even though the geographical beauty is unparalleled.

  37. KFOR777 says:

    The people of NY vote for Democrats then complain and leave when their policies make it unbearable to live there. Then they move somewhere else and vote for Democrats there to do the same thing. It’s Crazy!!

  38. C O Jones says:

    Florida doesn’t want obnoxious New Yawkers telling us how you do things “back home”. Go to California

    1. Jmick66 says:

      So true!!!!

      They should stay and reap what they saw. Granted, it is NYC sobs who destroy everything. Many fine New York state residents.
      Oh those Manhattanites disgusting and vulgar losers that nobody wants. Boy they cant even stand themselves in that rat infested hole.

  39. RightStuff1944 says:

    I visited NY in the 1950s as a child. The place was fairly nice then, except for rude cab drivers. I’ve not had a desire to return, however, having seen it being destroyed by liberal politics.

  40. H. Chappelle says:

    I left New York in 2015. I was born and raised in New York City, and I made the most of it there. As a young person, I found it heavenly–museums, botanical gardens, parks, sports stuff, bars & grills, restaurants, opera, chamber music, Lincoln Center, A. Tully Hall, Wall Street, South Street Seaport, fashion shopping, libraries, jazz places, interesting atriums, universities, etc. I love the beach, one can take a budget friendly train or railroad in New York City to several beaches–either the city beaches or go to beaches on Long Island or New Jersey. Two years before I planned to leave, I purchased a New York City tourist book to make sure I did not miss anything–I went again to the fantastic Cloisters Museum in upper Manhattan with the period music of that time on CD with my headphones. Some tourist books do not mention the Cloisters Museum, but it was mentioned in a British tourist book about the USA’s New York City that Barnes & Noble bookstores carried. It is also online and linked with other major NYC Museums. What was sad about NYC was the overly high rents, lack of nice employment, and some air pollution. However, there were upgrades, they even had bicycles one could easily rent on the sidewalk in Central Park and other areas, and that was before Mayor DeBlasio. However, the poverty in New York City seemed to be growing and hidden. I left because I prefer the relaxing countryside.

  41. James Sutton says:

    Can you say “Cuomo and de Blasio,” boys and girls.

  42. Jimmy Chacko says:

    The problem is its going to get a lot worse as corrupt pols try and squeeze a shrinking pool of productive citizens to pay for their BS.

  43. cleo48 says:

    Mr. Economics recognizes no fools ideology.

  44. Betty Bartosh says:

    I will give reason and it is idiots in charge of state elected by Illegals not allowed to vote

  45. Mark says:

    The frustrating thing is all of these people exiting NY for other states then help establish voting for the same inane policies that is leading to NY’s demise. So frustrating to see the cancer that is NY spread to other states (and similar thing happening in CA) through metastatic migration.

  46. John Smith says:

    Cuomo is a thug and DeBlasio is an imbecile. They let upsate die by outlawing fracking, they’ve made the streets unbearable by catering to the criminals, and the regulations and taxes are hurting businesses. The people who voted for these jackals deserve what they’re gonna get.

    1. Mark says:

      Not the ones moving out of the state to spread the misery elsewhere! In fact, if you look at the immigration report you will see the biggest exodus is happening in the super liberal states: CA, NY, and IL, and the biggest influx in fairly strongly conservative states: TX and FL. And likely those exiting CA, IL, and NY and NJ, are heading down to FL and TX! Sickening that they will be hellbent on causing the same disease in those states. We will all be doomed at some point.

  47. Hank Sheller says:

    NYC is a City in decline. DeBlasio is the worst mayor this city has had since Dinkins.

  48. seanmac45 says:

    There’s a White House seeking socialist in the Governer’s Mansion.

    There’s a White House seeking idiot socialist in Gracie Mansion.

    What’s not to love?

    1. Timmy Smart says:

      move out, fascist

    2. Timmy Smart says:

      There are more narcissists per square mile in NYC than anywhere else. It’s a segregated, racist, and gentrified city. It’s a self-loathing city. Even poor people hate poor people here. People are happy to be hateful. Only a fool would come to this city.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I lived in NYC since the late 70’s and still live here until this very day. People judge us poorly because they assume we’re this and that due to what they hear or see via social media. Even country siders keep asking me how I survive for this long. And I tell them the same advice given to me back when I was a teen- to not lose hope and keep yourself alive for tomorrow.

        No matter who comes here, people think that I’m crazy for living at the same place only to see things change right before my eyes. And you know what? I still love this city no matter what.

        People also assume that we’re one of the dirtiest places in the USA. You thought we’re bad, check New Jersey, their gang crimes, and ever unloving steel-worker factory pollution. At least we have sanitation running around the clock to keep rats from traveling to nearby homes despite living next to parks and other places roaming around with them.

        It’s true that people just can’t stand our cost of living here. But, this is where the secret lies in: find ways to certify yourself so you can earn a better life. Find a better trade to make even more money or niches that’ll help you day by day. If you make about close to $400 a day alone, be it gambling through sports or even day trading on the side, you just might make it one way or another- unless you’re uber-talented and have sights for one of those sports leagues.

        But that doesn’t leave the glamour and glitz of our city no matter where you go. We have tons of awesome places to learn, live, eat, drink and even spend time out of our daily 9 to 5. This is the reason why I’ll always love a place like this because of its opportunities to grow and explore what’s out there.

        And no matter what CBS or anyone else says, you can’t beat New York, New York- the city’s so nice they named it twice!

        1. Thomas Edwards says:

          It’s true they named it twice. But that was centuries ago. Would they do it again today?

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