LONG BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Time has literally been standing still in one Long Island community. A public clock has been broken for years.

But now a fix coming in the form of a private donation and a public statement, CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reported Thursday.

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Time has done a number on the once-grand clock outside the Long Island Rail Road station in Long Beach. Its 25-year-old hands are frozen after decades of storms.

But for Harvey Weisenberg, it’s not just about time to get it fixed, it’s about respect.

“It’s a police memorial, and I don’t want them ever to be forgotten,” Weisenberg said.

The clock outside the LIRR station stop in Long Beach hasn’t worked for years and the community has no money to replace, so a former police officer has decided to buy a new one. (Photo: CBS2)

He paid for the clock in 1994 and dedicated it to the timeless tradition of law enforcement.

“It’s a thank you to all police officers, the pledge that you take to protect life and property,” Weisenberg said. “Delivering babies, having people die in my arms … it’s about life. It’s public service.”

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Weisenberg knows first hand about the sacrifices of service. He’s a former police officer, a lifeguard still at the age of 86, and a former state assemblyman. He said a clock dedicated to law enforcement must not stand broken.

“That’s the city’s responsibility and they really should maintain. When we give something that they maintain it. They have no money, so I said before I die I’m going to have this thing done,” Weisenberg said.

“Harvey, like he always does, stepped up and said, ‘You now what, how much do you need?’ And walked in here a couple of days ago with the check,” Long Beach Acting City Manager John Mirando said.

The $26,000 Weisenberg forked over from his own pocket will purchase an all new 17-foot steel and waterproof clock. Weisenberg said he believes it’s always time to do something good.

“We were brought up that way, to help people and do good things, to make people have a better life as best as you can,” Weisenberg said.

The public clock will be up and running this spring. Weisenberg said he hopes it will be in time for New York State Police Memorial Day, which was created by legislation he sponsored.

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The clock parts could not be replaced because the original manufacturer went out of business. The city of Long Beach will do the installation.