(CBS Local)– It’s been 20 years since “Curb Your Enthusiasm” debuted and Susie Essman has now been married to her TV husband Jeff Garlin longer than she’s been married to her real husband.

The actor and comedian has known Larry David since 1986 and Garlin since 1989 when they were young comics performing at clubs all around New York City. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” recently returned for a brand new season and Essman can’t believe how far the whole gang has come.

“I met Larry [David] at Catch A Rising Star in 1985 or 1986,” said Essman in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I started in 84 and he had already been doing it for a while. I remember Larry standing at the bar telling me all his tales of woe about his dating life. All of that ended up being George’s storylines [on Seinfeld]. It [Curb Your Enthusiasm] completely changed my life. I remember the day that Larry called me. I remember where I was standing in my apartment. We had no idea when we did that first season that we’d be here 20 years later. It was very under the radar the first few seasons.”


Essman says the show finally became popular in season three. The actor and comedian loves playing a character in Susie Greene who is free to say and do whatever she wants.

“I’m always fine with Susie Greene wearing crazy outfits. Every season I have in my head with our wardrobe designer a secret theme for Susie’s wardrobe,” said Essman. “This year it was hats. Animal print is an on-going theme, that’s her go to. Last season was nautical and the season before was cowgirl. It’s the greatest job I’ve ever had in my life. I get to show up and scream and yell and curse. I show up on set and it’s all my friends that work there. Jeff [Garlin], Cheryl [Hines], J.B. [Smoove], we are all so close. There are crew guys that have been there since season one. It’s family and it’s very relaxed because no one has to remember there lines. I scream and I yell and I curse and they give me money for it.”


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