NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – One middle school in the Bronx is fully immersing its students in Black History Month, reminding them of the month-long celebration at every turn.

Walking from class to class is a learning experience for students at Leaders of Tomorrow middle school in the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx, reports CBS2’s Dick Brennan.

Each hallway was transformed into a gallery of black figures, culture, and history.

“Some of the students don’t always see themselves in the images on the walls, but we really like to have them be able to walk away and understand they are apart of some of this rich Black history and culture,” said teacher Barry Curtis.

Two teachers came up with the idea and recruited some helping hands to decorate the walls with photos, maps, descriptions, and artwork.

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Students can turn one corner and be immersed in the success stories of leaders past and present and monumental moments in history such as the underground railroad or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy.

Other themes include the Harlem Renaissance, important black educators and today’s hip-hop artists.

“I feel like it’s different because in school we learn math, writing, maybe essays, but now we get to walk around the school and read, see pictures, to show even more,” said sixth-grader Sheila Scarso.

“As I see it, I visualize that the tries and tribulations our ancestors went through, and how it was used to shape us today,” said eighth-grader Traverse Brown.

The students say these are lessons they’ll take beyond the classroom. Their teachers just hope every student can be proud of their culture and where they came from, no matter where that is.

The gallery is just one of a number of ways the school is teaching students about black history. There are also upcoming speakers, assemblies and field trips planned.