NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new study finds that New York and New Jersey are losing more residents than any other states.

The career website Zippia looked at the population data from the Census’ American Community Survey to determine the states with the largest population decrease from 2017 to 2018, which is the most recent data available.

New York topped the list, losing 307,190 residents, and New Jersey came in second with 97,124 residents moving out.

Connecticut also made it into the top 10, losing 15,519 residents.

So where are these residents going? Some headed to neighboring states — New Yorkers moved to New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and New Jersey residents left for Pennsylvania and New York — while others left in search of warmer climates, like Florida and California.

Meanwhile, Arizona, Idaho and Utah were the fastest growing states, according to the study.

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  1. Art76 says:

    I am surprised to see Calif listed as a destination for people leaving the northeast. I have heard that there is a huge exodus from Calif that is causing immigration probs in nearby states. Caused by leftie control of the state which Reagan was gov of at one time in the distant past.

  2. Al Newman says:

    The biggest problem is the GOV of these states! Comrade cuomo is by far the worst poison pill seen since his father, the king RAT WOP!

  3. Peter York says:

    talk about locusts. they screw up their own nest voting democrat, then flock to another state and bring the same lame brain.

  4. laura j nyc says:

    The political environment in NYC is so stupid. Instead of thanking the big employers like financial services and hospitality for creating the high-paying jobs that IS the tax base, the politicians shriek at them that they’re corrupt and immoral, etc. We all talk about leaving. Who needs it? The people who can leave, do.

  5. Giselle Stamphaus says:

    I left Northern N.J. 16 years ago, when my husband died suddenly and far too young (46). We were paying $5,100 property taxes for a 2-BR condo (1-car garage) that I sold for $185,000. I moved far, far away — to South Dakota. I had no ties to the state, no relatives, no promise of employment, etc. But it’s another world. A great world. For $194,000 I purchased a five-BR, 3 bath, 3-car garage lakeshore home on the largest freshwater lake in the State. Taxes today, after 16 years of modest increases: $1,998 per annum. No crime, no gratuitous rudeness, no pollution, and no pontificating politicians. People here have heart and are caring. If only we had known !!

    1. Giselle Stamphaus says:

      Oh, and I forgot —> no State income tax, modest sales tax, no Estate tax.

  6. Bob says:

    You need a “study” to find out people are leaving because of taxes and policy?

    1. actually people are leaving because of income confiscating politicians. taxes have been around for two centuries. now we don’t pay taxes for the services that government provides, we pay taxes to create a giant slush fund for crooked, corrupt, immoral, unethical, incompetent to buy their way into office permanently. the bad citizen will always be willing to sell their vote to evil politicians and the politicians know it. just look at what phil murphy said, “if you are concerned about taxation leave.” not a single politician, republican or democrat, condemned that statement.

  7. IPlead theSecond says:

    Huge influx of Northeastern transplants (refugees) here in Upstate SC. I see NJ and NY license plates nearly every day. The housing building boom is off the charts. Clearing land everywhere for subdivisions that seem to come out of nowhere. SC is running a budget surplus that the Governor wants to return to return to the taxpayers. Why wouldn’t you want to move here? It’s beautiful and the cost of living is very reasionable. What’s funny is, some of these liberals flee their home states, then vote to make their new home into where they just fled. No thank you, stay home and change it into what you want it to be.

  8. JAKE671 says:


    1. GaryGary says:

      By the way, stay out of Florida before you ruin it by voting like you did in the North East ! Liberal thinking has ruined so many big cities not to mention so many states. You leftist liberals are a cancer on America !!

  9. Dondi Jasper says:

    New York and New Jersey both have a combined population of 28.7 million people, a reduction of 322,709 is a mere drop in the bucket for both States. This is why Trump always rails against the fake news media because of idiotic articles like this.

  10. CebVa says:

    I do real estate closings here in Virginia. Folks moving here from NY/NJ tell me their new mortgage payment principal, interest, taxes and insurance is lower than the old tax payment alone. No wonder people are leaving.

  11. Dave says:

    This is what happens when you tax the hell out of people. All the rich people leave and the rest of us are left holding the bag (I know from living in this darn state and seeing how they’re bankrupting small businesses thru regulations and inflation getting worse as the jobs disappear due to these regulations!)

  12. Goku Vegeta says:


  13. Jason Joseph says:

    Colorado was once a conservative libertarian leaning state as recently as 15 years ago. An influx of Californians, Illinoisians, and New Yorkers has put control of the state completely in the hands of democrats. They immediately started passing laws very similar to those from their previous state. Now, homelessness is out of control, and our constitutional rights are under attack. Please, stay in the “paradise” you created.

  14. Last man out – turn off the lights !

  15. coutertrollfoggybottom says:

    LOL The troll comments are hysterical! Note that most of the Jersey folks moved to New York and the New York folks moved to Jersey. It’s hardly a migration…more like a commute. The few that are really leaving the area are headed to California; because California has cultural/political similarities with better weather.

    1. SmarterThanYou says:

      Nice try doofus…that number is NET population decrease, so your claim that it’s people moving back and forth from the same states is nonsense, especially when the dang story even tells you where people are moving to. Love the attempt at spin, but that was a total crash and burn. People are fleeing taxes and the idiotic policies of that idiot Cuomo. Watching NY’s population decrease and losing representation in Congress is a wonderful thing.

  16. sm b12321 says:

    Our new Neighbors are from…..Illinois, California and NY. All spoke of “escaping” – not in political terms but economically. My state (TN) is one of those moderate states – voted for the president more often than other state since the 1920, moderate politicians, moderate growth but NO income tax. (we are third in fiscal stability)

    And Yet….we have Tenncare for those who can’t afford insurance, the first two years of college is free and we run a huge surplus each year ($600 – $800 million, $250 million into the rainy day fund and the reserve to pay off outstanding debt. Now that’s unusual.

    1. Sam says:

      What they’re escaping is the tax man, aka government, aka politicians. Its a result of socialist/communist infiltration. At some point taxpayers, who still work and pay, can’t afford all the lazy government dependents. Bad times arrive, and elites offer to save us by weakening us. This is a system created by elites to control their tax slaves without having frequent revolts and elite heads chopped off.
      The solution is to actually follow and obey legal definition of “Exempt Income” in U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, and stop giving politicians money you don’t owe. They’ll only steal and waste it, anyway.
      WhatisTaxed c o m

  17. Mark M says:

    They are fleeing the mess that their decisions in the voting booth have made.
    The problem is that many of them will move to greener pastures, where they will resume exhibiting bad judgment and render their new home the same dump as what they fled from.

  18. Brian O'Connell says:

    Cuomo and Diblasio must be deaf and blind?

  19. john L says:

    High taxes, government corruption, crime, sanctuary cities and liberalism are driving people out. Philadelphia is the same way so don’t bother moving there.

  20. RTC says:

    Nobody wants to live in a liberal hellhole!

  21. Rex Reed says:

    So hows that excessive stealing (taxation) from others working out for ya?

  22. John Lefever says:

    Here is a suggestion from the rest of the states. New Yorkers move to New Jersey and New Jersey people move to NY. We don’t want your socialist politics coming our way.

  23. Mark Burns says:

    Just leave your dumb liberal ideas there. After all that’s why you are leaving..

  24. DH says:

    Cuomo told the citizens of New York that if they didn’t agree with being the progressive capital of the country then they should leave. We are. Enjoy your bankrupt ethic, morals and bank accounts!

  25. Jeff Mason says:

    Fleeing blue states for red states – where actual sanity prevails. You are welcome so long as you don’t vote for the same socialist programs and policies that ruined your home states.

  26. Eugene G. Kelly says:

    People voting with their feet! If you like corruption and high taxes, stay in NY!

  27. alhorvath says:

    Not good news for those of us living in low tax sane States. These morons are moving here and bringing with them same stupid Socialist ideas they used to destroy NY & NJ.

    1. Tommy says:

      Our only hope is the ones who are fleeing are the one with a brain between their ears.

    2. mrunpc says:

      Communism is a spreading cancer in this country and controls the “democrat” party, most of big media, hollyweird, the universities and courts. Their evil and destructive agenda has been taking place since the 1960s when they killed Kennedy and put America’s first Commie, LBJ, in our White House.

  28. Bill says:

    Maybe you socialist and Communist should take note.

  29. ricardoqueso says:

    Keep out of PA. We don’t want you bringing your leftist ideology and votes here. In fact, we’d love to give Philly to New Jersey. You can have it for free.

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      Philadelphia: where the mayor has to get on tv to urge people not to kill each other

      No thanks

  30. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

    Maybe that’s why they give “sanctuary” to illegals

  31. STOIC says:

    Leftist Democrats and Liberalism ruin EVERYTHNG, Yet the idiots in NY and NJ keep voting for their own demise, why?

    1. jorilla says:

      because democrats are adept at STEALING elections in those states as well as california

    2. Joh Mammah says:

      Because, at least in NYC, the Republicans/Conservatives are outnumbered 6 or 7 to 1. Staten Island used to be the only red sanctuary. But with the building boom and ppl from other parts of the city moving in, it’s gone purple – leaning toward the blue. 🙁

  32. tngilmer says:

    Bad weather, high taxes, out of touch governments, high crime, etc. i am surprised anybody not a taker would stay in NY or Jersey.

  33. Matthew Jared Miller says:

    My Dad calls New Jersey “The Soviet Socialist Republic of NJ”. They want to tax his pension, his property taxes are $8,000 a year and the cost of living keeps rising. Just by moving to PA or FL, he could save an extra 15-20k a year. It’s a no brainer. NJ and NY are simply bleeding themselves to death via their fiscal policies.

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      Like giving financial aid for illegals to attend college

    2. HQ says:

      A big problem is the fat pensions promised to all the local & state gov’t workers.

    3. sm b12321 says:

      I don’t see how people exist there much less manage to save anything. We live in 1/5 acres in 4500 sq ft home and taxes are $1900. We went to NAPA and San Francisco recently with another couple – loved it but the prices and taxes? Truly astounding

  34. Rick Oringel says:

    Who would want to live where the criminals are hailed while they are released from punishment while the Mayor hates the police. Reelecting DiBlasio is a joke.

  35. Jerry says:

    I’m a baby boomer and will retire in two years. I cant wait to get out of new Jersey. By simply moving to a lower taxed life style, my wife and I will save nearly $10,000.00 annually. it’s sickening what the libs are do to this state. I understand that tax money is what maintains infrastructure… but all of the waste is plum crazy! Thank you Governor Murphy for making it easier and easier deciding to move!

  36. Barbara Reitz says:

    Three words: High Property Taxes. If my family didn’t live here, I’d move too. It used to be that people moved out NJ when their kids were out of college. Now, many are moving out of state when their kids go off to college.

  37. Broke Gamer says:

    I mean, I am paying $16k in taxes in South Jersey a year… Nobody can save a dime when you are paying $16k in taxes a year… Id rather move to Carolinas where the same home and same type of schools are $3k a year.

    1. Jimmy Jones says:

      Just remember, when you move here, NC, don’t vote like you’re back home in NJ or NY….

  38. dee says:

    Post-war boomers (1946-64) are now well into their 60s and retiring. No surprise they’re heading to warmer climates. However, their pension checks (and spending) go with them, so it’s the economies of the states they’re moving to that will benefit.

  39. Reza Baker says:

    Sadly, the states that are increasing in population will be come overpriced, overpopulated in time. The libs that move there will vote to put in lawmakers that will vote to raise taxes to pay for the increase in local government spending and social services.Florida is a perfect example. Its becoming an unaffordable state to live in if you want to reside in a desirable area. There needs to be a law that people need to pay a state income tax based on how long they live in a state. This would reduce the snow bird affect.

    1. Denise Cicely says:

      What about the spread of the fatal disease that they bring with them to the rest of the country, remaking America into the Socialist gulag that they just left?

    2. Jimmy Jones says:


    3. Jimmy Jones says:

      IDK, we’ve had a very liberal influx to the middle of NC (wish we had some of those Yankee conservatives that were fed up with their states’ liberal policies and high taxes move here instead…they must have went to Texas). Our universities are now cesspools. Instead of educating our youth, it indoctrinates them in ultra-liberalism/communism. Wake, Durham, Orange counties are heavily populated by displaced liberal Yankees. You know we got a problem when our current governor, Roy Cooper, kicked off his re-election campaign in NYC!!!!

    4. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      That’s part of the problem, Reza. People being taxed to death. Why not try to lower the cost of living? Then people might be more inclined to stay

  40. Bobby Cullari says:

    Once liberals ruin a state with high taxes, less freedom and bigger government, the productive just pack up and leave. Soon, all you have left are the misfits, crybabies and leeches.

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