MIAMI (CBSNewYork) – Two socialites were found dead in the water off Miami’s private Fisher Island.

Police have identified 75-year-old Viviane Brahms of Harrison, N.Y., as one of two women killed when their car rolled off a ferry in South Florida, reports CBS2’s Jessica Moore.

Investigators say the ship was on its way from the exclusive island community when the car went overboard.

“I can’t believe it,” one resident told CBS station WFOR-TV. “It’s just unreal.”

Aerial footage shows an empty space and a broken barrier on the front of a ferry named Pelican.

Miami police say somehow around 5 p.m. Tuesday evening, the Mercedes Benz driven by 63-year-old Emma Afra plunged off the ferry.

After an hours-long search, divers pulled the Mercedes from the water later on Tuesday evening, discovering the women inside.

“I’ve been living here for 23 years and nobody’s ever, this has never happened,” said another community resident.

CBS MIAMI: Dive Crews Find 2 Women In Vehicle That Plunged Into Water Off Fisher Island

No one was home Wednesday at Brahms’ Westchester County house where a “For Sale” sign was previously posted. Police say the family has been notified.

Meanwhile, investigators are working to determine what caused the car to roll off the ferry which is used to shuttle residents and guests of the private island to and from the mainland.

A spokesman with the Miami Coast Guard office tells CBS2 this incident is an active investigation and would not comment on whether they’re looking into foul play.

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  1. Maybe they need a batter barrier than some cloth? You’d think a vertical fold up ramp, poles or chains…something that would prevent a car from just rolling off the ship? See a lawsuit over this one.

  2. JBnID says:

    Want to bet the gear lever is still in ‘drive’?

  3. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

    I’d never sit in my car while on a ferry

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