NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law Wednesday aimed at cracking down on reckless drivers who repeatedly break the law.

The new law comes with a severe punishment: The city could take away the driver’s vehicle.

The bill creates a pilot program with the mission to crack down on dangerous drivers who rack up camera violations.

Before signing it, the mayor held a public hearing, followed by a rally with families affected by reckless driving.

City leaders say drivers with multiple infractions are more likely to be involved in crashes than those with few or no violations.

WATCH: Mayor De Blasio Signs Reckless Driving Bill Into Law 

The idea behind the bill is to target repeat reckless drivers through a dangerous vehicle abatement program.

The pilot program will require registered owners of vehicles that have racked up more than five red light camera violations or more than 15 speed camera violations within a year to complete a 90-minute free traffic safety course.

Right now, camera infractions are not necessarily sent to the driver, but the registered owner of a vehicle. The city says if an owner cannot prove they were not the one driving and does not take the course, the vehicle could be impounded until it’s completed.

Councilman Brad Lander says more than 200 people are killed each year in crashes in the city. He introduced the legislation in an effort to change that.

“We pledge to take action to target the most reckless driving and to intervene with the owners and drivers of those vehicles before they injure or kill more of our neighbors,” he said earlier this month.

“The message is very simple and clear: Slow down, stop speeding,” said City Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

The pilot program will run for three years. Each year, the Department of Transportation will report on the number of drivers who completed the course and the number of vehicles impounded. Toward the end of the program, the DOT will issue a report on its effectiveness.

The legislation is expected to take effect eight months after it becomes a law.

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  1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

    Shoulda done this a long time ago, instead of “suspending the license.”
    If I had a CCW permit and committed a gun crime, would they “suspend” my CCW permit and let me keep the firearm? NO

  2. Lieutenant Dan says:

    In the 1960s and into the 1970s NYC had a more sensible proactive approach,
    placing public service announcements on TV and radio
    asking pedestrians to “Cross at the green and not in between.”

    I see people Jay Walking all the time. They cross at night wearing dark clothing
    from between parked cars and from in the middle of the block,
    and with their heads looking down and faces pointed into their smart phones.
    Looks to me that they walk without paying any attention at all.

    If the goal is to cut down on pedestrians being struck by motor vehicles
    and not only raise money for the city through fines, etc…,
    than our city officials need to educated people on how to cross a street safely.

    Last week I saw a lady on the curb, waiting for the green, answering a text
    and she had her baby stroller off the curb, in the street!!!

    Pedestrians are too distracted by their smart phones.
    They need to put away their phones, and cross at the green.

    I am constantly telling my 13 year old to get his face out of his phone
    when crossing the street.

    We have this new technology and no lawmaker know how to deal with
    the issues.

    Jay walking was once illegal in our city.
    Stop placing all the blame on the motorists !

    One more thing.
    Hey Mayor, fix the potholes and put brighter street lights at the crosswalks!

    1. Coffey Mommy says:

      Actually, those PSAs were totally ineffective in NYC. Look at the data below:

      1983 343 deaths
      1990 366 deaths
      2013 176 deaths
      2017 100 deaths

  3. Steven Allen says:

    With crime on the rise, why is the Mayor so concerned about giving out speeding tickets, It’s never going to stop speeders or accidents ever.

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      perhaps because people get killed when someone drives too fast

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