NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Amid the coronavirus epidemic, Infuriated city leaders led a crowd of cameras into the Williamsburg Food Bazaar on Saturday to capture their showdown with the store manager.

In their hands they carried cans of Lysol spray they’re accusing the business of price gouging, reports CBS2’s Christina Fan.

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“The average resident can not afford to pay $14 for a can of Lysol,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Customer Barbara Williams was the one who sounded the alarm after discovering the products, which she says usually sells around $6, at nearly double the price.

“It’s not acceptable, it’s not,” she said in Brooklyn. “We have a lot of seniors here, I take care of a lot of the seniors and they don’t have the money for this.”

But when confronted, the store claimed it was their vendor who was overcharging them. Other businesses told CBS2 the same thing.

Near Greenwich Village, CBS2 found a stationery store selling the same Lysol spray for a whopping $19.99. The owner claims he paid $12 for each one.

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“I asked him, he can’t even give me one penny less, he said you want it or not,” said Ali Muhammad of New University Pen and Stationery.

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“The same thing on Amazon, they are charging too much on Amazon, that’s why they are charging me too much,” he said.

When confronted that just because Amazon is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right, the store owner said: “But I pay too much also.”

The Attorney General’s office has already sent dozens of cease and desist letters to businesses accused of gouging. City leaders say they will also now be looking higher up the chain at suppliers.

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To file a price-gouging complaint with the Attorney General’s office, see the online form at