NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to encourage their followers to listen to the social distancing guidelines and remain at home. On Thursday, actor Kevin Bacon, used his Twitter and Instagram accounts to share why he is social distancing and encouraging people to use the hashtag #IStayHomeFor.

Bacon, making a play off of the “Six Degrees Of Separation From Kevin Bacon” game, explained that everyone has somebody in their life who is “worth staying home for” and said that he is doing so for his wife Kyra Sedgwick. He then encouraged users to do the same.

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New York and New Jersey area residents have begun to weigh in.

In addition to the local citizens who have begun to chime in, the hashtag has taken off on both Twitter and Instagram with other celebrities putting up posts explaining who they are staying home for. Music legend Elton John said he stays home for his partner David and their children.

British soccer star David Beckham took to his account saying he stays home for his wife Victoria and their children.



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