NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Despite the ban on crowds, hundreds of bikers flooded the streets in Queens on Friday.

Some 400 bikers trying to attend a funeral surrounded the Leahy McDonald Funeral Home at 111th Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Police were called in but didn’t arrest anyone.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association tweeted its frustration, saying the situation put officers at risk during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. David Johnson says:

    How many times have New Yorkers shown their arrogance now with regards to the pandemic? Even Coumo was talking about this over two weeks ago when he went into the city and found hundreds of people frolicking in the parks despite being told to stay home. They have an extremely obnoxious ‘nobody tells me what to do’ attitude, and then not surprisingly the virus spreads like gas fire in that Hell hole called NYC. And naturally, they instantly start crying for other states to give up their masks/ventilators for them.

  2. rotorhead22 says:

    Wow, by these comments it’s very apparent there are several haters. I’m guessing that some of you lost your girl to a guy or girl on a motorcycle. Hate away however did you see all of the smiles.

  3. Indo says:

    Then the Po-leece can stay home if they are “at risk”. And if some Americans want to attend a funeral, they can go. You whining wussies just shut up and crawl back into your peer-pressured hole.

    1. David Johnson says:

      Hey, why don’t you go take a walk around the city, then hop on over and visit your parents, or maybe go visit a nursing home? You sound like a soon to be Darwin award winner.

  4. Bikers have never been considered the brightest group in society.

  5. says:

    Classic example of evolution in action. Just deny them treatment and we won’t have to deal with them during the next pandemic.

  6. Lar Jam says:

    I saw the bikers were social distancing not so for the police.

    1. Lar Jam says:

      Really did you see the crowd watching the event… Bikers were social distancing not the crowd.

  7. Captain Asstache says:

    No one was arrested. Well color me surprised! Society is going to break down unless this lockdown attempt is lifted soon.

  8. God says:

    Entitled and irresponsible behavior.

  9. The Final Say says:

    They have evaluated their position in either the 98% or the 2% and believe they are in the former. Some will even be immune. This is going to happen more and more as things degenerate. The 2% will be on their own pretty soon.

  10. Shane says:

    The government cannot block the 1st Amendment right to assemble.

  11. Frank says:

    I would not call them bikers, those are young punks on crotch rockets. “Crotch Rocket Riding Youths Disregard Stay at Home Orders to Attend Funeral for Fellow Homie” is a better title.

  12. Donald Olson says:

    Who died?

  13. Katherine McChesney says:

    those weren’t bikers. Bikers only ride Harley. Those guys were riding rice rockets.

  14. The Owl Guy says:

    Nobody ever accused yankees of being intelligent.

    1. snakeplizkn says:

      Nobody ever accused someone that uses the word “yankee” in 2020 of being intelligent.

      1. Rosemary's baby says:

        AWWWWW poor Yankee, offended by being called a Yankee. Bet you are offended by a lot of things.

        1. Jim Dandy says:

          Just like you like being called a Limey…….probably too stupid to catch the reference……lol

      2. victor potter says:

        Say, you don’t happen to know the name of NY’s baseball team, do ya?

  15. Martin Martin says:

    Brain dead stupid

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