TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Positive coronavirus cases grew quite a bit in New Jersey and Connecticut over the weekend.

The total number of cases as of Sunday in the Garden State stands at 37,505. The virus has killed 917 people.

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Gov. Phil Murphy said his state is bracing for a battle that will last weeks, and possibly even months.

“This is certainly going to be a huge challenge for us, April through May, there’s no question, and the evidence is increasingly showing this is going to spill meaningfully into the summer. It could impact the NFL season. It will impact a whole lot of lives. This is the fight of our lives. None of us have gone through this before,” Murphy said Sunday night on CNN.

MORECoronavirus Update: NJ Sees 200 More Dead In 24 Hours, Murphy Warns ‘We’re Going Through Hell Together’

The governor said New Jersey received 500 ventilators from the federal government on Sunday, but he anticipates more will be needed.

There is also a growing concern about the spread of the virus in Connecticut.

Nearly 400 cases have been confirmed in the past 24 hours.

A total of 5,675 people are confirmed to have the virus and 189 have died, officials said.

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  1. Jane Shao says:

    Dear Americans,
    The numbers of deaths of coronavirus in each nation hurt all the humans of Earth. Many nations don’t put more efforts in fighting coronavirus. Shutting down everything, losing money and innocent lives, and losing hopes of future and jobs are the things many nations insist to do. Americans must spray disinfectants everywhere for a week. Spray in public areas, workplaces, and homes from top to bottom because coronavirus might fly in the air and breed more coronavirus. Americans can go back to work and school in one week to produce more medical supplies and all other supplies to have normal days. For infected patients, give treatment for the symptoms they have. Medical ventilators, cough medicines and sprays, and other useful medicines must be given to infected patients until real vaccine or cure for coronavirus is invented. Spray the whole body of passengers before they go aboard and after arrive. Wear facemasks and wash hands with soap or alcohol often. Then the spread of coronavirus will be paused soon. Americans shall not pause the whole system to bring more economic crises and increasing mortality rate of coronavirus! George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and other President of United States of America would not smile in heaven if Americans did not fight coronavirus with medical protections, disinfectants, and cure for coronavirus to end the war of coronavirus quickly! Tears are somehow flooding heaven where restless souls mourn their deaths with angers! The survivals have difficulty to start new life after everything is shut down! Americans shall fight coronavirus as brave soldiers with medical protections! God Bless All!​​
    Sincerely yours​​
    Jane Shao

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