NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD says Amy Cooper could be arrested and face charges if investigators prove a false call was made.

Cooper is the white woman who was seen on camera calling 911 and falsely accusing Chris Cooper, an African-American man, of threatening her in Central Park.

The video caused an uproar.

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Chris Cooper, no relation, says he asked her to follow park rules and leash her dog.

She replied she would call police and say an African-American man was threatening her life, which she did as he continued to film her.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan says detectives are working with the DA’s office on the case.

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  1. M says:

    This Woman should not have a Pets at all. The way she treats her Dog by pulling on her Dog s collar . She should go too jail & sit behind bars. Because that is dog abuse. I also hate people who are Allcahollic & hevy smoker like my Sister is. That’s all. This worlds going down.

  2. Ss says:

    Why are more people not calling for this woman’s arrest? False 911 call and wasting police time come to mind straightaway. This woman inflected her voice especially so that police would come primed and armed to protect a woman who was being attacked alone in the park. Thank God this man had the foresight to record what this woman was saying, otherwise no one would believe that any woman could make a false attack claiming she was being attacked just because she was being asked to leash her dog. Life being destroyed? The same day that George Floyd, another African American man was murdered by police over a much pettier crime, this event occurred. Amy Cooper – you lost your job and are being trolled by twitter, this man could have truly had his life destroyed by your fake police report.

    1. Nancy A Thomson says:

      She absolutely should be charged for false reporting! She put that man’s life at risk. I am so glad he recorded her. People like her are disgusting!

  3. Cat Patten says:

    the only reason to charge her is legal, Lee. NYers have lived together for centuries without out-of-state people butting in. Amy should be charged for having her dog OFF LEASH & FOR CALLING IN A FAKE REPORT. That’s all..

  4. Lee Cunningham says:

    She absolutely needs to be charged. A message needs to be sent to other New Yorkers; to the nation: racist behaviour like hers will be pursued by the law to the fullest extent, where it is criminal. Hers is the privileged, insidious face of racism – that which lurks beneath the surface. An merciless example needs to be made of her. The stakes are far too high to turn a blind eye

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