(CBSNewYork)- The New York Mets were among several teams that released minor leaguers on Thursday as Major League Baseball looks to cut down the number of MiLB teams associated with each franchise.

Among the prospects released by the team was pitcher Andrew Church who took to Instagram and gave his assessment of the organization’s player development efforts and an explanation of his retirement that he came back from last season.

A former second round pick in the 2013 Draft, the 25-year-old Church called out the organization’s handling of his injury, signing of Tim Tebow and the “toxic” culture that has been built in the minor league system.

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Please read to understand my true feelings. Today I got released by the NY Mets organization. The people on the other end of the phone had nothing but good things to say and I appreciated that very much. Anyone that has seen me play and compete knows that I lay it all on the line no matter what. Every practice, every game. I am a competitor, a true warrior. It’s in my DNA. From the outside looking in, my baseball career probably raises a lot of questions. Why did you retire and come back? How come your numbers aren’t very good if you were that dedicated? I have always kept my opinions to myself out of respect for the organization I signed a contract with. But now that it’s officially over with them I’d like to say some things. One of the main reasons I retired was to keep myself from expressing how I felt. I was bitter, frustrated, and angry at the Mets organization. I felt my competitive nature was being taken advantage of. They knew I would never say no to competing and would fly me around to fill in for anyone that got injured. I realized this wasn’t in my best interest when my delayed flight finally landed in the 3rd inning, and I was on the mound in a AAA baseball game for the first time, without any warm up throws. My UCL originally tore that night. Instead of seeing a doctors like I asked, they sent me back to High A to pitch in the playoffs. When I told them I couldn’t I was made out to be the bad guy. Then the next year, they made a mockery of our team by putting a celebrity on it to sell more tickets. I saw players lose their jobs because of it. We weren’t playing to win, we were playing to make everyone else money. Not the players. We never saw a cut. Well, allegedly that one player did. I think people are starting to understand that more now but they didn’t in 2018 when it was happening again. I was fed up. I spent my whole childhood honing in my passion and anger, to not let it get out of control, but it was and I was going to explode. So I took the opposite direction, I bottled it and silenced myself. I took some time away and cleared my head. Continued in comments..

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In the post, Church does say that the organization had nothing but good things to say about him and he appreciated that. But, he then says that one of the biggest reasons he retired was to keep himself from expressing his frustration and anger over how the organization had handled his career. Church says he felt that his competitive nature was taken advantage of by the team knowing that he would “never say not to competing and flying me around to fill in for anyone that got injured.”

Church then points to an incident in which he says the Mets flew him to fill in at a AAA game and with the flight delayed, he didn’t get time to warm up. He says that his UCL tore that night but instead of the organization sending him to see a doctor, Church says the team sent him back to High A to pitch in the playoffs.

He then appears to express frustration over the team’s signing of Tim Tebow in 2016 by saying the organization “made a mockery of our team by putting a celebrity on it to sell more tickets.” Church’s comments continued in the comments of the post and says that he believes the new player development staff is making strides to be better but there is a “toxic” culture. Full comments below:

“Baseball has always been the only constant in my life. No matter if I’m active or not I will always play. It’s my release. I asked to be reinstated in 2019, when a new player development regime took over for the Mets. I honestly think they are making strides to be a better organization, but the culture that has been built for decades within that organization is toxic. Filled with snakes and bottom feeders trying to elevate their professional careers at the expense of the players, with no remorse. I hadn’t pitched in a competitive game in over a year, but they needed a filler because someone got hurt the night before. I took a red eye flight, to one stadium, a 7 hour bus trip, another flight, and a taxi to the stadium I would be pitching in. Again I was in a AAA baseball game with no worry about my well being. I lost my drive to perform for an organization who continuously treats us as pawns in their chess games. Especially when the ones doing it, don’t know what it takes to be a baseball player. And some must’ve just forgotten. Ignorance is a scary thing. We see it in mainstream society too often. Ignorance with power and a lack of empathy is, in my eyes, the scariest of all evils. Thank you to all the players and coaches who had the passion and drive to empower each other and push the game forward. F*** you to everyone who wasn’t. You have no place in professional baseball.
To my future, you all know I can’t stop. And I get scary when I’m motivated. Watch out! CarveNation”

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  1. Get a job says:

    Whiney losers like this are why the Mets lose.A 3rd rate player who ives in a fantasy world of greatness and a real world of failed dreams. Tough to realize you just aren’t any good.

  2. Mr Met says:

    The reason Tim Tebow is still with the Mets is because he DRAWS FANS. He’s a personality. He’s charismatic. You Mr Church draw flies.

  3. tngilmer says:

    I hope somebody gives this guy some cheese to go with his whine.

  4. Gaye Sullivan says:

    Tim Tebow made the big bucks because his fans loved him and he loved to use his $ to help the youth of this country. Unlike you, he gave all the Glory to God and knew that God’s children should be grateful for their talents and never whine when “things go south”!

  5. Jeff Mason says:

    Just another laid off employee whining. If he was a better pitcher, he’d still have a job.

  6. Kent San says:

    Losers and often the last to know they are losers.

  7. Robert Ho says:

    this is the millennial way, blame everyone but themselves for their own failures, they all got participation trophies in school and thought that made them special

  8. The Mets and Knicks are disasters. What a shame.

  9. muneshadowe says:

    Mr. Tebow handled things a little bit more maturely on his release from football, perhaps you could follow the example?

  10. Louie PDX says:

    This is one of the most narcissistic narratives I’ve ever read.
    A very inflated opinion of himself playing a kids game, and his own minor role in it.
    You’re not curing cancer dude.

  11. Lester Long says:

    It’s a business. It has hundreds of employees on it payroll. It pays them with something called “profits”. These profits come from selling tickets. People buy tickets to see winners play. This guy wasn’t a winner, and they let him go. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy, but he didn’t have what it takes. He knew the odds were against him when he signed the contract. Nobody forced him to sign. At least he went after his dream with all he had. That’s more than most can say.

    1. Gospace says:

      Yep. The object is to sell tickets. That means you sign the players who people pay to see play. Especially in the minors.

  12. Trip Lightly says:

    Dude you got to play a kid’s game for pay ! Time to grow up man. By the way, go by a Vet’s, (that’s V E T , not met ) funeral and you will see some real warriors, not the wanna be you see in the mirror.

  13. MConnor says:

    Apparently you “have no place in professional baseball” and failed to see the writing on the wall for the past 5 years. Focus your critical eyes in the mirror.

  14. no one cares about your minor league team unless Tebow plays for it goofball. No one is coming to see you ever

  15. Keyser Soze says:

    And the reason this is news is because of one person’s negativity towards Tim Tebow. Seems the media uses Tebow to increase profits as well……

  16. Jerry Brandt says:

    Amazing. Do you really think MLB owners are in existence to be non profit charities? I absolutely applaud the Mets for bringing in Tim Tebow. If I was an owner I would do it in a heartbeat to sell seats. I was always surprised at the owners who were willing to show empty stands when they could have filled them with Tim Tebow on the team. MLB. NFL, NBA, NHL are businesses!

  17. Derf Nosneb says:

    MLB will get to eliminate 40-plus minor league teams after all. Ya but that has nothing to do with your job right there sparky.

  18. mtsbike@aol.com says:

    Warrior? Delusional at best. With millions out of work , wondering where the money to feed their family and pay the rent will come from, do you seriously think anyone cares about a game player?

  19. jem5b says:

    The Mets have been a joke of an organization since it’s inception. Who else would trade Two HOF from their ’69 championship team for no value players. The ’86 Champs were a group of misfits. And the Wilpons should have been excoriated with their stupidity with Madoff. Their fans are the same halfwits who continue to champion the Knicks. What a sorry group of Pro teams in all the sports representing NYC. Of course that’s a perfect fit for city & state led by two. ignoramus

  20. Mr Ed says:

    It is all about making money and even more so now with the pandemic upon us.

  21. Susan says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing Church play AAA baseball. The fans were always happy when he was in the game; he is a competitor and plays to win.

  22. Alfred Hussein says:

    Well, I’m glad you got that off your chest. Now substitute Sales person, marketing person, news commentator, manager, etc for baseball player, and you have a picture of the real world.

    Kinda surprised you thought baseball was about the fulfillment of player dreams and not making money for the owners.

    1. Show me says:

      You’re a commodity when you are are a professional athlete like a race horse or even a greyhound. You can still play for fun and get a day job.
      Some players sign million dollar deals, but the owners expect to make it profitable.

  23. Nobody says:

    Andrew… Andrew… Andrew…. like many other athletes, you overestimated your importance. You WERE a pawn…. You WERE expendable… You WERE nothing but entertainment…

  24. jpattitude says:

    He says he retired to stop himself from saying bad things about the Mets. He says this in the very midst of a diatribe about the Mets. Not a good look.

  25. astralweeks says:

    Whining? There’s no whining in baseball! Unless it’s the snowflake league.

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