NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New police reforms came Thursday as the NYPD released its latest crime stats.

During the month of May, overall crime decreased compared to the same period last year.

But the NYPD says murders in the city increase by 79%.

Shootings went up 64%, while burglaries rose 34%.

The NYPD says its summer all-out initiative is in effect this year, which will have hundreds of officers patrolling neighborhoods that have had upticks in crimes.

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  1. Michael Quane says:

    I have been sheltering in place for months. Sure it’s frustrating but I have no desire to shoot someone when I go out. Find another reason, Mr. Mayor.

  2. Ashmew says:

    These statistics were based off April. In April, crime went down by a landslide. In fact, according to THIS article, it states, “During the month of May, overall crime decreased compared to the same period last year.” So it just increased from April, because April crime went down. The people that don’t even read the article are idiots. IT LITERALLY SAYS CRIME WENT DOWN FROM LAST YEAR!!

  3. Mike Niederberger says:


    What did Cuomo & Wilhelm/de Blasio think was going to happen when they gleefully released convicted felons – murderers, rapists, thieves, pedophiles, etc. – onto an unsuspecting public?

    I’ll bet they didn’t release any of the animal-kingdom into their neighborhoods, either. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

    Why don’t New Yorker’s demand that their Governor and Mayor give up their taxpayer-funded security details? After all, they’re ANTI-2nd Amendment.

  4. Hilarious that people link these numbers with the protests. The statistics are for ALL of May. George Floyd wasn’t murdered until May 25th. Facts.

    1. John Bender says:

      Except murders doubled in the 28 days leading up to June 16th (May 19th-June 16th). So unless the spike only happened in the week prior to Floyd’s murder (May 19th – May 24th), it’s safe to assume that the protests/anti-police rhetoric are the (main) cause.

  5. Doctor Strangelove says:

    At what point are we allowed to point the finger at leftists running these cities and say “Enough?”

  6. thegrandmofftarkin says:

    My wife is an ultra Liberal/progressive. For some reason, she asked me to get her the DVD set for the 1985-89 show THE EQUALIZER. That was back in the days when the NYPD could not protect the public. Looks like those days are coming back.

  7. dktampa says:

    Between the virus and the “peaceful protests,” I have to imagine there will be an exodus to smaller communities. Especially since the business world just learned remote working works just fine right before being shown that rampaging mobs can destroy their businesses with impunity.

  8. B H says:

    Just peaceful protests. Nothing to see here.

  9. Craig Eliot says:

    People in NYC are very unhappy these days. There is an added level of stress that was never there before. Just having to wear a mask in public is annoying: you can’t even take a walk and breathe freely. And now so many people are without jobs and stressed out over money. It’s bad news all around.

  10. Louis says:

    It is very unfortunate. I have enjoyed visiting NYC but feel sorry for those who have to live through the terrible times now. I hope people can go back and see which policies actually resulted in lower crime and safer streets for everyone in the past and vote for those who will institute those policies rather than what is politically popular currently. Some times you have to hit rock bottom before you change things. Good luck New Yorkers, you have some of the most talented and hard working people in the world and should be able to get through this!

  11. Ricardoh Obamy says:

    BLM lol

  12. JJ says:

    “Systemic racism” is a dog whistle for “I hate white people and am ashamed of my failed race”.

  13. Abol says:

    Dog lives matter. Adopt from a shelter.

  14. Ozzone Layyer says:

    Wait until the June numbers come out.

  15. Dennis Torii Jr. says:

    The City Mice are going to venture out to attack the Country Mice in orchestrated strikes starting in areas where riots have been allowed and then to the cities whose police are taken over by U.N. instructed police.
    No early voting. No mail in voting (pure fraud and joke).
    Use military to collect votes from individuals after identified.
    Let the election take one to two weeks.
    Whatever Dems want is part of Leftist Globalist agenda.

  16. Dennis Torii Jr. says:

    Ten Americas print money for three years while going to One World Dollar.
    Each America creates bonds to pay back over 100 yrs. And owns 10% of other nine’s bonds.
    The Torii Plans. New America and The Global Republic.
    Transparent and free.

  17. Dennis Torii Jr. says:

    I was a Maître D’ of Tavern on The Green, Wall Street broker, banker and loved NYC. I got the hell out and moved to Florida in 2008. Best move ever. NYC, RIP.

  18. Dennis Torii Jr. says:

    THE ONLY GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESCUE PLAN or Global Bailout. Please read, we’ve got nothin’.
    The nations around the world will collapse financially soon, as well as our own
    No one is going to buy our enormous debt, nor will they be able to. They will be in the same boat.
    Yes, this is the Apocalypse and The Torii Plans are made for it. My name comes off soon.
    Ten “Americas” that can print money for three years to stabilize while they switch to One World Dollar.
    The “Americas” each create 100 year bonds to pay it back over the next century.
    Each nation will own 10 % of the bonds from the remaining nine nations.
    New America and The Global Republic.
    Transparent and free with vaccines we can trust. Check-mate. Unifying plans 100%.
    Armies of the world now know all, and that this is how they will eventually have to be paid when the global financial house of cards collapses. Former DHS fed who loves Left and Right.

  19. steve says:

    Not reported by the NYT since it doesn’t fit the narrative of demonizing political enemies.

  20. Marianne Wilson says:

    When groups of people encourage riots and burnings, what do you expect? We need law and order AND God back in our country!

  21. Łysy2 says:

    This is what you get when voting for DemonRats! Enjoy yourself!

    1. k says:

      SO sick of people saying “you voted democrat so enjoy . ” You know there are other people in this city that did not . So are you saying screw them ? They should leave? (not everyone can just leave). It’s a silly thing to say . Even if they are “democrats ” that doesn’t mean they are disposable and should suffer because of there bad decision . They are humans . LIke you ,

      1. SnakeUSMC says:

        Facts are facts. A bolshevik/democratic leadership in ANY city or states, contributes to the over all demise of law and order. Get use to it. Embrace the “social democrats” which in russia after 1917 changed their name to communist. You GET what you vote for. Degrade the Police and put hand cuffs on them, then when they attempt to do their job, condemn them. That is the bolshevik democratic way. PAY BACK is a MF

        1. YOgi Devendra says:

          ok boomer!

      2. tommhan says:

        Sorry people can get caught up in this but as a city voted for this madness and yes anyone can actually leave and go elsewhere to live. If one has the balls to do so.

      3. kazamareen kurios says:

        I understand your sentiment…I lived in NYC until a yr. ago, & due to historically low voter turnout & the Dem money machine the ‘clowns’ always seem to win. Additionally, leftist Dems. are very, very organized when it comes to ‘turning out’ the vote. It isn’t always easy to get-up & move due to family, friends, job, obligations etc. There is however (if your interested) an active #WalkAway movement in NYC. They expose leftist Dems & organize events in NYC. It was founded by Brandon Straka (you can find his vids on yt). Actually, if you put #WalkAway in search bar on many sites (youtube, twitter, facebk) you’ll find many former urban Dems who’ve left the ever destructive Dem party. Hang in there, I used to face that same criticism re ‘you get what you vote for’ & it’s only half-true. There is no ideal ‘place to live’ but you can make your voice heard where you are now, seek out the groups that understand & realize there are soooo many in NYC who agree w/you, but due to the insane hate mongering of leftists (who will try & ruin your life for your beliefs) they only ‘selectively share’ their opinions.

  22. Jeff Mason says:

    And you want to defund your police? 🤣

    1. k says:

      a great many of us do not want that . And people will suffer because
      of it , no reason to be snarky

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