NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving to boost minority and women-owned businesses.

The mayor said he’s signing an executive order requiring an “aggressive effort” to find minority and women-owned businesses In 27 neighborhoods hardest hit by the coronavirus for city contracts, particularly discretionary contracts under $500,000.

“Because it is crucial to get money to the grass roots, in the hands of businesses that will turn around and employ people at the local level. And to save those businesses, a lot of whom might not make it if they don’t get more support,” de Blasio said.

Watch: Mayor Bill de Blasio Holds Daily Briefing

“New York City is now on the road to recovery, and we’re all thrilled. But we’re going to be hard pressed to recover economically if minority-owned businesses don’t recover and are not part of that recover. Because the collateral impact of their failure will be really hard to overcome,” said Magalie Austin, director of the Mayor’s Office of Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises.



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  1. SIMONE S. PEELE says:

    I like your choice Mayor DeBlasio she is a solid woman. However, she needs to give me her email address so that I may get in touch with Ms. Austin, and make a zoom meeting. My Contracting company the first African American female contractor to ever be certified by NYC Small Business Enterprise as WMBE.

  2. SIMONE S. PEELE says:

    I could not see Ms. Austin she needed to have a light shine on her. The is Simone S. Peele I know Ms. Austin very well. She knows my company also A New World Contracting Co. we have had many conversations about the MWBE’S process.

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