NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Tensions are lingering after clashes between police and protesters Tuesday night.

Several officers were hurt and one protester was put into an unmarked van and taken into custody. Fellow demonstrators said it looked like she was being abducted.

Kips Bay resident Kyle Landry was recording the peaceful march happening near his apartment and couldn’t believe the confrontation he caught on camera.

“I just saw a girl skateboarding down the street, she goes past a minivan and suddenly the doors burst open and they grab her and they shove her inside,” he said.

Nikki Stone, 18, spent the night in police custody but was released Wednesday morning with a desk appearance ticket.

The NYPD said Stone was wanted for spray painting the lenses of six police cameras during separate criminal incidents in and around City Hall Park between June 29 and July 19.

Her friends protested all night outside Tribeca’s 1st police precinct.

“Nikki was snatched off the sidewalk by NYPD – by NYPD. It’s critical we know exactly what their ‘justification’ was,” one friend said in a social media video.


The homeless teen was one of 12 protesters arrested Tuesday.

A large group said they were peacefully marching and feeding the homeless by Second Avenue and 25th Street when police on bikes showed up and things got out of hand.

In the now-viral video, Stone is arrested and pushed into an unmarked car by officers in plain clothes.

Kips Bay resident Ann Larson said he “heard a great hoopla” and saw the whole thing.

“You cannot do this unmarked, undercover. You have to identify yourself. It’s kidnapping,” she said.

However, police said this squad uses unmarked vehicles to find wanted suspects, anyone from a low-level offender to a person wanted in a homicide.

Intelligence and counter terrorism expert Brian Boyd said he thinks it was an acceptable police tactic.

“It’s legitimate. When they went up and made the arrest, they identified themselves as police officers,” he said. “A warrant squad is there to find and catch criminals or people who are wanted for committing crimes. And the only way you can do it sometimes, in a large group like that, is to do it undercover.”

Boyd added, “They have to be read their Miranda rights ’cause that’s the requirements. They’re put into a vehicle. The police car was unmarked because it’s safer for the person involved, it’s safer for the police.”

Dr. Darrin Porcher, a criminal justice professor at Pace University and former NYPD lieutenant, agrees.

“If I was still an active lieutenant in the NYPD, I would be 100% behind what took place,” Porcher told CBS2’s Jessica Layton.

Serving in the NYPD for 20 years, he calls this a sound tactic, even if it doesn’t look great given the times.

“The optics of arrest are always ugly,” he said. “Let’s say the officers elected not to take this individual into custody … That same individual goes out and continues to deface more security cameras … and then we have someone robbed or killed in that same area, and now people would bang on the desk and say, why don’t we have cameras? You know who this was that committed this act.”

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But in a statement sent to CBS2 from Nikki’s mom, Carly O’Neil, she says her daughter, known as “Stickers,” was punched several times in the face.

She says Nikki is transgender and “while they did use her pronoun, they insisted on calling by her legal name,” which is Nicholas Stone.

She added the officers allegedly yelled insults like “act like a normal f****** human being and not some animal.”

O’Neil says Stickers comes from three generations of queer women in the family and that this took bigotry to a whole other level.

Councilwoman Carlina Rivera says she was on the phone with police all night.

“What we really need to actually look at is how unidentified police are being used beyond just this one arrest,” she said.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the incident Wednesday morning.

“A lot of us have been watching in pain what’s going on in Portland, Oregon,” he said. “Anything that even slightly suggests that is, to me, troubling, and it’s the kind of thing we don’t want to see in this city.

“I think it was the wrong time and the wrong place to effectuate that arrest,” he added.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he was disturbed and called on the NYPD to build trust within the community.

“We’re not going to fund local governments in the next budget unless they do what is responsible,” he said.

Protesters say it was peaceful, but the NYPD said seven of its officer were injured – four of them had to go to the hospital. They were treated for minor injuries and since been released.

Nikki’s mom says her daughter will likely be represented by the New York Civil Liberties Union.

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  1. george Chandler says:

    To put it simply, if he did not commit a crime he would not have been arrested. If he didn’t resist he would not have been treated the way he was. For anybody to question the actions and methods of the NYPD without knowing everything that went into the arrest is is doing so out of ignorance. To condemn actions taken without knowing the background is part of the problem. Let the law enforcement officers do their jobs!

  2. Lawrence Braniff says:

    Raises interesting question about the use of surveillance cameras. Many consider them unconstitutional. Who voted to install them after all? No one. The “state” just went ahead and did it thereby, arguably, infringing on rights to privacy. So basically they chip away your rights and when you fight back they kidnap you off the street and call it justified. I think these both the unbridled use of police surveillance cameras and the use of these undercover squaddies/ thugs need to be highlighted, protested and voted upon. Let the people decide .
    You cant just let the so called authorities do whatever they want. Give them an inch and they take a mile.

    1. Terry Thrash says:

      They need the cameras to keep tabs on the village idiots, like you!!

    2. Jerry Moskowitz says:

      First, there nothing in the constitution that says police can’t setup cameras. In fact, more left leaning countries like those in Europe have cameras everywhere! Why? So that people like yourself can’t make excuses for who the criminals are. Second, as for the undercover cops who are taking garbage commies off the streets who are destroying buildings and beating people up because the mayor says its okay, they get what they deserve

  3. David S says:

    They are fighting fire with fire. It’s unfortunate, but necessary. No one to blame but the vandals and rioters. They have not learned to behave themselves apparently.

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