HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – New video shows a disturbing dispute inside a Staples store in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Investigators say it started when a woman who uses a cane asked another customer to put on a face covering Wednesday afternoon.

The victim, Margot Kagan, underwent a liver transplant just four months ago and suffered a broken tibia from the assault, CBS2’s Jessica Layton reported Friday.

“It’s really, actually quite painful,” said Kagan

Kagan, who was at the fax machine at the store on Hackensack Avenue, is particularly concerned about COVID-19 because she’s immunocompromised.

“There was a woman on the other side of the COVID dividers that they have everywhere now, and she wasn’t wearing it either. She was wearing it below her chin,” said Kagan.

Signs outside the store say masks are required to enter. It’s also required by the state. When Kagan reminded the woman of the rules, she paid an unexpected prices.

“I said, ‘You should really put on your mask,'” said Kagan. “She proceeded to curse at me.”

Police said the irate suspect didn’t just scream obscenities. Surveillance video shows she picked up the victim’s walking cane before forcefully grabbing it and throwing her to the ground.

The plastic partition, meant to protect customers, crashed to the floor.

According to Kagan, she asked another person to put on his mask moments before the incident and there were no problems.

“He was wearing it below the nose and I asked him to put it up, and he put it up,” said Kagan.

Store employees wouldn’t answer any questions, including why from the video it looked like nobody helped the victim on the floor.

Other New Jersey residents reacted to the incident.

“That is astonishing. People know that this virus is very contagious and if they’re not willing to help protect everybody else, they should just stay home,” said Giavanna Deus, of Teaneck.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible,” Ed Allen, of Hackensack, said.

It’s certainly not the first time there have been reports of aggression over a mask issue.

In June, a woman was coughed on by a stranger at an Astoria coffee shop after pointing out that her face was uncovered at the counter.

In July, police say a man punched an MTA bus driver after he was asked to wear a mask on the bus.

Police say they’re still trying to track down the suspect in Wednesday’s incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hackensack Police at (201) 646-7777. You can also submit an anonymous tip by CLICKING HERE or calling (844) 466-6789

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  1. cecil says:

    Hilarious reading posts by BLM trolls trying to blame the victim. No one with a brain buys their nonsense

  2. Dan Austin says:

    Why don’t those people who insist that they have a right not to wear a mask also insist that they have a right to drive on the wrong side of the street?

  3. Uncle Remus says:

    She thug – maskless lives matter

  4. david galloway says:

    Aggressor Margot Kagan tried to trip the younger lady with her legs, as Kagan was lying on the floor. That makes twice she assaulted another person. Now she is in the hospital, playing the victim card.

    1. Carla says:

      David, you need to watch that video again. You did not report what I viewed on the video. Or perhaps you lie just for fun?

    2. Nicholas Stix says:


  5. Gospace says:

    I watched the video. The woman with the cane committed assault, not the lady who threw her to the ground AFTER being poked by the cane. Wagging your finger at someone and yelling at them is not assault- when they initiated the confrontation/conversation.

  6. Tim Baralis says:

    Here’s the video. Draw your own conclusions.

  7. Roland Nadeau says:

    Got a suggestion…. how about you keep your mouth shut regarding wearing or not wearing masks. It’s a personal choice – leave it alone. Or are you just plain stupid?

    1. Carla Cochran says:

      Roland, you win the stupid award today. Jackaxx.

  8. Bender says:

    Who the hell goes around telling people to put their masks on? If she wasnt an old lady I would say she deserved an ass beating.

    1. Carla says:

      Bender, keep drinking. It may clear your think

  9. Sjohn John says:

    NJ huh – too bad she couldn’t shoot the she-boon!

  10. cecil says:

    The old woman did not deserve the assault. The cane was obviously used to keep the angry woman at a distance.
    Throwing the woman down and injuring her is a criminal offense anywhere in the USA

  11. Jerry Brandt says:

    You can bet this was a DEMONCRAT! Trump supporters are the only civil people out there.

  12. LuLu says:

    I hope most people in NJ are not this stupid as these crazy right wing nut job comments. If COVID is just the flu or maksks are propaganda, visit a hospital as a field trip and also ask yourselves, if masks are overrated why have Dr. and nurses been wearing them since the dawn of time, IDIOTS. Everything is a conspiracy that doesn’t fall into your feeble way of thinking. The worse thing is it is not even your way of thinking, it is what you have been spoon feed because you are too lazy. Science is real!!

    1. polarxena says:

      You are correct, medical personnel wear masks in surgery to prevent contaminating the patient’s exposed body parts. Masks do nothing to prevent a virus from ‘spreading’ and in fact can amplify the problem. Dig deeper, the studies are out there. Just not offered on MSM. Then ask yourself why.

  13. pete says:

    wild feral beast attacks old white woman.

    1. Gompers says:

      “Violence against whites is OK, because of slavery!”

      – Democrat ideology

  14. Jay B says:

    All you mask nazis better mind your own business. You’re going to cross paths with someone who isn’t going to play your little game and will have no qualms beating your ass over it.

    1. The_Enlightened_One says:

      Jay B, if you are a real adult, show the source(s) of information that you believe are true and present them here. Let us review them and see if we agree or not. Then, instead of advocating violence, discuss why or why not you believe being told to wear a mask should or should not warrant a violent response. How about that? (If you respond with a negative tone, then we will all know that you are simply a troll/agitator; in that case enjoy what you are attempting to do and know that there is always a return to the mean.)

  15. B says:

    Who you gonna believe what some PC Hacks who falsely described the incident wrote/said or
    “Your Lying Eyes”?

    Watch the video.. The old women first was the verbal aggressor and when she did not achieve what she wanted became the physical aggressor..

    It does not matter if you agree with her intent..It does not matter if she is old… she raised her cane and used it in a threatening and aggressive manner ie. she used it as a weapon.. Poking at the other women.. It does not matter if she did not make contact.. She was threatening the younger women.. She had no legal right to do so.. On the other hand the younger women had every legal right to respond to the attempted physical attack..

    I am a seriously disabled older person.. at high risk. That does not afford any special rights to batter or assault others..

    I have used a cane for 30 years and am a COPD patient. The older women raised her cane and poked at the younger women.. That is attempted battery… The moment she raised her cane and poked it at the women.. It was no longer a device for a handicapped person and became a weapon..

    The older women engaged the younger women. First verbally then dissatisfied she engaged in aggressive physical action. Using her cane as a Weapon… The younger women may have used less than the best judgement but she had no obligation to allow someone .. of any age to threaten/attempt to use a weapon against her.

    Had the younger women just out of the blue physically attacked the older women .. the older would have had a perfectly legal right to use her cane or anything else anyway she sees fit to stop the threat.

    In this case that is not what happened..

    The older women was the aggressor and in the wrong.. End of discussion

    1. Sam says:

      I am sorry unless she actually struck her she had no right to physically assault her with the cane. Once she took the cane away that is the end of it throwing her to the ground was not beyond the scope furthermore, depending on the age of the victim, the penalty is enhanceable to a higher offense. From the description of the possible injury it could have possibly become a first degree assault. A serious criminal offense.

  16. LA NUKKA says:

    This is what happens when you are a Mask Nazi or Hall Monitor. Leave people alone+ mind ur biz….esp the Dindus..

  17. chefjimmie1 says:

    I suppose that nobody in ear shot of this comment has looked into this covid issue. However, even if it was as contagious as they are falsely declaring, wearing a mask with holes between stitching of 10 microns or more is not going to stop a 2 micron virus from entering or leaving the body in fact, if it did “catch” any viruses it would keep them all in one place – a contaminated, disgusting cloth with every conceivable germ on it. Secondly, wearing masks SPREADS the virus. I see them all over the place, people dropping them and throwing them in the trash, on the floor. If this it is necessary to wear a mask for protection from a deadly virus, why aren’t the masks considered dangerous, biological hazards like any other germ laden cloth? The inconsistencies of this media/government lie are nearly too numerous to count for the thinking individual.

  18. debra says:

    Not only was the woman not wearing a mask, she was not following the six feet apart. The employees all need to be fired for not helping the women. How do you just stand there and look at someone laying on the floor and not do anything.

    1. LA NUKKA says:

      Because its not worth putting urself in a liability situation. Better to look the other way + mind ur biz

  19. Mike says:

    Woman was lucky she didn’t get that cane shoved up her a**.

    1. Carla says:

      Mikey, are you employed? Do you live in your parents basement?

  20. Jaz says:

    Staples has free delivery and curbside pickup. Stay out of the store. Why would anyone with health issues need to shop in a Staples? Emergency need for post it notes?

    1. noodle maker says:

      She was using the fax machine–it says that right there in the article. I can’t believe people are defending the beast who assaulted her.

  21. Stan Buie says:

    Cane lady needs to keep her mask on and not worry about what other people are doing.

    As long as she has her mask on, she is protected.

    1. noodle maker says:

      Wrong. From CDC: “A mask may not protect the wearer, but it may keep the wearer from spreading the virus to others.” You wear a mask to prevent yourself from spreading the virus to others; that is why it is rude to not wear a mask.

      1. Vendicar Kahn says:

        CDC = Garbage Commie Liberal Propaganda.

        It’s all a Liberal Hoax. They is trying to destroy our freedom – Commies.

    2. Carla H Cochran says:

      Masks to not protect the wearer; masks protect others. There is little-to-no knowledge of science expressed on this site. What a fine examples of the dumbed-down public high school graduate. John Dewey would be thrilled!

  22. Jack McCready says:

    No doubt, the attacker should be prosecuted to the full extent and put behind bars. The victim should mind her own business and keep her comments to herself. These are life lessons that used to be learned in grammar school.

  23. Cane lady needs to mind her own business.

  24. liam says:

    The posters backing up the attacker are nuts. Regardless of how you feel about masks, pro or con, it is never okay to assault someone. Especially over words. How in the world people have gotten to the point where they feel this is justified and others will defend this is flat crazy.

    1. noodle maker says:


  25. Paul says:

    Customers are not the enforcement, the management is. Inform them if you have concerns. Do not get into altercations with other customers. That is one of the morals of the story. The other is to control temper. Side note: interesting how others were not wearing their masks properly. May be because one cant get enough oxygen wearing them. I wear a shield due to breathing issues.

  26. ron says:

    If she’s so worried, SHE should stay home!

  27. jabusse says:

    busybody bi-tc-h we are going crazy over the flu. Hypochondriacs are running the show, just like the freaks and criminals are running the DNC. Abnormal psych’s are the New Normal.

  28. CYRUS says:

    Absolutely vile. Aside from recklessly endangering the health of others in the store, she assaulted a person who was just being socially responsible in telling her to wear a mask.

    1. Paul says:

      Stay home.

    2. Mike says:

      No, she failed to mind her own business.

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