(CBS Local)– Sarah Stiles has range as an actor, musician and Broadway performer and that has allowed her to be exposed to some of the most passionate fan bases in the entertainment world. Stiles can walk the streets of New York one day and be recognized by a group of people for her role as Bonnie Barella on Showtime’s “Billions” and the next day the 2x Tony Award nominee is approached about her work in plays like “Hand To God” or “Tootsie.”

In addition to all of that, Stiles released her debut EP earlier this month called You Can Ukulele With Me. While the actor and musician has been involved with a lot of great projects in her career, “Billions” is one of her favorites because Bonnie Barella is unlike any character Stiles has ever played before.

Photo Credit: Showtime

“I love Billions. Those are honestly some of my best buddies in my life,” said Stiles in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Those people I work with are just great. It’s such a different role than I’ve ever played before. Bonnie is such a tough hard-ass. She just puts everybody in their place and it’s really fun to play her. I auditioned for it and I was actually shooting Get Shorty at the same time. I was flying back and forth because Billions shoots in New York, but I was never actually living in New York for the first two seasons I was on. It was a crazy time and they kept writing for me and kept having me on.”

“Billions” aired the first seven episodes of season five on Showime before COVID-19 shutdown the show’s production in New York. The global pandemic also had a massive impact on the theater industry as Broadway shut down plays through the end of the year.

“I started off doing theater and fell in love with theater as a kid,” said Stiles. “I did community theater back home in New Hampshire. I left high school and came straight here [New York] and started working right away. I love theater and it’s totally in my bones and I will always keep going back to it. There’s no other medium like it and it is so incredible to be a part of and be on stage. I miss it right now and it’s so crazy. I’m hoping everything can go back to some semblance of normal with live performances soon.”

There is a lot to process in the world these days and that is why Stiles is thankful to have the ability to create music. Her new EP was written before everything changed this year with coronavirus and Stiles is thankful she can have her mind filled with joy by her new music.

“We recorded it a couple of weeks before the lockdown,” said Stiles in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It was a very different world when we were working on it. Then we mixed it and mastered it all during this time. It’s kept me busy and in a positive frame of mind as much as I can be. The vibe is so upbeat and joyous and corky and silly. Initially, I couldn’t listen to it the first month we were in lockdown because I felt I was not in that head space. Now, I’m so grateful for it because it’s exactly what I want to be listening to and putting it into the world.”

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