NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Members of the FDNY jumped into action after witnessing a recent assault in Brooklyn right outside a fire station.

CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis got a look at surveillance video on Sunday.

The clip shows a woman in a blue shirt walking down the sidewalk on Hancock Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant when a man on a bicycle swerves over and punches her in the face, knocking her down.

He speeds off as four people race behind him. The pursuers were firefighters and they continued the chase around a corner, and took the man to the ground.

Meanwhile, others were seen checking on the 60-year-old victim.

“It’s bad. You can’t hit a woman. She’s very nice, the whole family. I grew up with them and they very nice,” said Twin Alzokari of nearby J&A Deli and Grocery.

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Alzokari said he watched the FDNY jump into action after the assault on Aug. 26, which happened at around 5 p.m. right in front of the firehouse.

“I just see the guy running with the bike and I see the fire department came after him,” Alzokari said.

The firefighters stayed with the suspect until police arrived and took him away in handcuffs as a crowd watched on.

The NYPD identified the suspect as 53-year-old Daniel Biggs. Police said he has 18 prior arrests, from robbery to assault. The most recent came on Aug. 2, after he allegedly slashed a 26-year-old man on the face.

Biggs is apparently a recognizable face in the community.

“He comes, buys his stuff and leaves. That’s it. I was like why he did it?” Alzokari said.

During the Aug. 26 incident, while he was being restrained, Biggs punched a 29-year-old firefighter in the eye causing bruising and swelling, police said.

Neighbors said they’re grateful for the firefighters’ bravery.

“You feel safe. They’re always helping the community and that’s a very, very good job what they did,” Alzokari said.

Police said the alleged attacker and the victim were strangers, adding the motive for the assault is unclear. She suffered a cut on the mouth, but police said she refused medical attention at the scene.

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  1. Non Pc says:

    The motive for the assault was racism… just say it out loud

  2. American Public says:

    Here is the rest of the story you won’t hear…… Biggs, of Brooklyn, was charged with assault, menacing, harassment and attempted assault. He was arraigned the following day and ordered held on $20,000, but was released without bail after a return court appearance four days later, court records show.

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  4. John Torrant says:

    How about kill him? Why should he be allowed to walk the earth with law abiding citizens?

  5. JJ says:

    BLM? I dont think so!

  6. AngleaSJackson says:

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  7. ED says:

    more BLM POS – how about not letting this POS out on bail again – 18 arrests and the last one for a knife attack a few weeks ago – let him spend the next few years in Attica or Dannemora

  8. Joe Wong says:

    Give this SOB 3 lashes of the cane, and lets see what happens. That’s his penalty for deliberately knocking down the women for no reason.

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