NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – At least three MTA employees converted a storage room at Grand Central Terminal as a “man cave,” according to an internal investigation.

They may get fired after the best kept secret at Grand Central was busted wide open.

Investigators discovered the so-called “man cave” beneath the tracks, hidden away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy transportation hub.

(credit: MTA Inspector General’s Office)

According to the Office of the MTA Inspector General, the room had a futon couch, large flat-screen television with streaming capabilities, a refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning, workout equipment and more – including an open can of beer.

LINK: Read The Inspector General’s Full Report (.pdf)

The inspector general’s report says the slacking employees included a wireman, a carpenter foreman and an electrical foreman.

The MTA called it an unauthorized break room hidden down at the north end of Track 144.

“The employees who were involved are on the overnight shift, but this is an unauthorized break space, unknown to their supervision and completely unacceptable, and behavior that is outrageous and something that I’m very angry about,” said Catherine Rinaldi, president of Metro-North.

Rinaldi says it was a back room in a locksmith storage area.

“Just a completely inappropriate, unacceptable use of their time,” she said.

The inspector general says it made an unannounced visit to the storage area in August 2019 after Metro-North officials failed to investigate complaints about workers using the space to “hang out and get drunk and party.”

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The MTA said right after the room was discovered, they checked hundreds of doors, hundreds of offices, to make sure there wasn’t another room like it. They found nothing else.

(credit: MTA Inspector General’s Office)

“Many a New Yorker has fantasized about kicking back with a cold beer in a prime piece of Manhattan real estate – especially one this close to good transportation,” said MTA Inspector General Carolyn Pokorny. “But few would have the chutzpah to commandeer a secret room beneath Grand Central Terminal and make it their very own man-cave, sustained with MTA resources, and maintained at our riders’ expense.”

Investigators say the three MTA employees denied having ever been in the room but day they left their fingerprints behind.

They also left behind receipts, streaming devices, personal calendars and exercise equipment.

Investigators were told the room contained “sensitive supplies.”

PHOTOS: See The ‘Man Cave

Commuters who say they’ve dealt with lackluster service for years say if true, shame on them.

“They’re hanging out and they’re supposed to work, that’s not fair,” one commuter told CBS2’s Jessica Layton.

“We’re paying money for you to do your job correctly, and you’re hanging around, just chilling. That’s not cool,” another commuter said.

The three workers have been suspended without pay.

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Comments (20)
  1. Fred Anderson says:

    I can understand the inspector making a big deal out of the beer, intoxication at work is a big no-no. Everything else is fine. So what if they’re slacking off a bit? Public transportation is far from the first industry where people slack off.

  2. Randall R Stegemann says:

    A half a beer in the fridge means they were partying and getting drunk? A box that may or may not have anything it qualifies as exercise equipment? Get real.

  3. Pete says:

    You Old Farts just think of yourselves. Try working in those conditions. I have no problem with the mancave. I have a problem with the authorities making a big issue out of these. Don’t worry guys with your resume… you’ll get another job in no time. You guys are my kind of people.

  4. Mare says:

    First of all, who are you idiots who are politicizing THIS story? Second, I think every sitcom in history has done this “secret break room” bit. I say let them keep it, but just use it during actual breaks.

  5. DeniseVPrice says:

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    1. Randall R Stegemann says:

      Worthless scammer!

  6. Claudia M says:

    I always dreamed of Lex Luthor’s hideaway under Grand Central. Did someone follow Otis to this one also?

  7. Randall R Stegemann says:

    All of this fuss over nothing more than a break room. SMH

  8. 2nd Amend says:

    So these guys get creative and get suspended witho pay, but Cuomo and Be Blaise kill tens of thousand, destroy the local economy and get full pay, and private security. How wrong is that.

  9. Bill says:

    An unused storage closet, stocked with their own stuff. The democrats will ruin any and everything. They are all unhappy and they are glad to share.

    1. Stephen says:

      The democrats? All the lefties I know think this is awesome.

  10. HarryMerkin says:

    who’s the snitch? they need to be taken care of. Disgusting.


    Looks like they finally found Lex Luthor’s secret headquarters.

  12. Nick says:

    in a just world these people would be promoted and their resourcefulness fully utilized

  13. Joe Hack says:

    “You’re fired!”

  14. Joe says:

    Most people would call this a break room…

  15. atthemurph says:

    I guarantee there are hundreds of these “man caves” in public properties all across the city. Public Union members have to have their perks!

  16. AprilJOliphant says:

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    1. Oracle says:

      Hey! “April”! Pssst! F*ck off! Get a life.

  17. David Smith says:

    It’s called “The Overtime Room”

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