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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As more people venture out of their bubble and take off their masks, some are catching what they call “the reemergence cold.”

CBS2’s Meg Baker spoke to some people sneezing it out.

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“I had body aches. I was exhausted, fully congested,” said New York City resident Maggie McSpedon.

McSpedon says a terrible cold took her out for days. She hasn’t been sick in more than a year. She blames socializing without masks for the reemergence cold.

Baker’s whole family got sick after venturing out of their bubble, so she’s sticking to conducting interviews by Zoom.


“We’ve been isolated for so long, our immune systems getting used to just working again,” said John Maggiacomo.

He is suffering the same symptoms and was nervous, even though he is fully vaccinated.

“I was self conscious. I was coughing around people,” he said. “I did a rapid test and a PCR so I could tell everyone I was seeing if I coughed, God forbid, that I was double negative.”

Dr. Perry Halkitis with Rutgers says it’s going around, and you may catch it no matter how healthy or strong your immunity is.

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“It’s a natural phenomena. People engaging with each other again, not washing hands, coughing on each other, interacting and spreading disease,” Halkitis said.

“And how are you guys feeling?” Maggiacomo asked Baker.

“I keep thinking I’m getting better and I sound worse and worse,” Baker said.

“I think we have to slowly re-emerge over the next six months,” Halkitis said.

He said other people are likely to develop a cold like Baker’s, and may think it’s COVID.

“And people are starting to have panicked reactions right now,” Halkitis said.

The best defense: Constantly wash your hands, cover your mouth, wear a mask if sick and get your rest.

Halkitis also reminds people to check and make sure their other vaccinations are up to date, like chicken pox and shingles.

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Meg Baker contributed to this report. 

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