ORIENT, NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – At the eastern tip of Long Island, two generations of family are keeping a local landmark alive.

In a space that’s served as a grocery for roughly 250 years, the Orient Country Store is a community destination for household items, sandwiches, pies, and catching up with neighbors.

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“Orient is really special. Orient is a sleepy little town,” owner Miriam Foster said.

She and her husband Grayson Murphy were still in their early 20s when they bought the store as North Fork newcomers.

“When we came here ten years ago, the neighbors were so welcoming, so generous, so interested in us, so solicitous,” she said. “They really took a chance on us.”

To keep things running smoothly, each family member plays a unique role. Miriam is head baker, Grayson helms the savory menu, and Miriam’s parents, retired lawyers Tom Foster and Dinah Seiver, help manage the place and assist customers. Miriam and Grayson’s three-year-old twins can often be seen running through the aisles.

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“Our typical day starts about 8:00. We’ll get the coffee ready, put the baked goods out. Our most popular baked good these days is blueberry muffins, so we’ve got to stick those in the oven,” Miriam said. “Usually, we have people we can count on to be here right at opening for their coffee or their tea or their newspaper.”

She and her family know customers often by name and regular order.

“It’s such an important thing for me to make it personal for everybody,” she said. “You can’t really get away from here without a bit of a conversation, so it’s not for the introvert.”

Orient Country Store
950 Village Lane
Orient, NY 11957
(631) 323-2580

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