By Alice Gainer

NORTH BELLMORE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – History was made at a varsity high school football game on Long Island over the weekend.

CBS2’s Alice Gainer introduces us to the player with a first there.

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Number 11 on the Mepham High School team made the catch. Teammates congratulated the wide receiver in the end zone for the TD, but the player keeps the celebration relatively small, considering this wasn’t just any touchdown.

“I had no idea all I thought was I got a touchdown,” said wide receiver Sofia LaSpina.

(credit: CBS2)

In that moment, 15-year-old LaSpina made history as the first female football player on Long Island to score a touchdown.

“We were all so excited for her she’s been playing since 7th grade,” said team captain Dominick Novello.

Novello celebrated with LaSpina. They’ve played together for five years.

“They all treated me like their teammate. They don’t treat me any different. So it’s nice to have a team that supports you,” LaSpina said.

LaSpina, who also plays softball, says she grew up playing football in the backyard with her siblings and decided to give it a try.

“My goal is just to become better get better every day,” LaSpina said.

Head football coach Anthony Cracco presented her with the game ball on the spot.

“The official actually walked over to me said ‘Coach, I think you might want this ball at some point,'” Cracco siad. “It’s a testament to how hard she’s worked and how far she’s come as a player.”

It was LaSpina’s third catch of the game.

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“It was just a five yard out,” she said.

(credit: CBS2)

“She makes it sound easier than it actually was. If you watch the footage, she adjusts her body and slowed down a little bit to make the catch, which is not easy to do if your momentum is carrying you one way,” Cracco said.

As for her future with football, she’ll decide senior year.

“If I’m loving the sport so much and I want to play in college, then I might try it,” LaSpina said.

She smiles at the thought of other kids following in her footsteps.

“Who cares what gender you are, how old you are? Just stick with it,” she said.

Though the team is still celebrating the historic moment, that doesn’t mean practice will be any easier.

“No. Absolutely not. She already knows we’ll enjoy it all day and all week, but once practice starts, it’s all business,” Cracco said.

LaSpina’s just getting started this season.

The team won Saturday against Roslyn.

The head coach says he coached one other female player, who was a placekicker at the school.

LaSpina is also a New York Jets fan and was just named the Jets high school player of the week.

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