By Alice Gainer

wNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A private helicopter landing rattled residents in Brooklyn on Thursday, sparking 911 calls to police.

Startled residents in Crown Heights watched as a helicopter landed in an empty lot at Troy Avenue and Carroll Street.

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Cell phone video captured a man and a woman exit the Robinson R66 helicopter and walk away. The pilot then gets back in and the chopper takes off.

The person who took the video says it was the second time this happened on Thursday.

“It was loud, and I was like, what is it doing here?” witness Allison Isaacsaid. “First of all, doesn’t he have to get clearance? … Made me wonder, but then I said, they were cleaning up the day before and maybe it was a developer that had resources and could come via helicopter.”

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The NYPD says it responded after 911 calls and contacted the Federal Aviation Administration.

Video taken at the Lakewood Municipal Airport in New Jersey shows an NYPD helicopter land right near the private helicopter.

The 49-year-old pilot from Valley Stream, Long Island, has a commercial license and told police he had permission from the property owner to land there, but in New York City, you need a permit to land. The FDNY issues those.

CBS2 spoke with the pilot over the phone. He would not give us any specific details but alleges to have followed the law.

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The FAA is investigating. The FDNY does confirm they did not issue a permit for landing.

Alice Gainer