Suffolk County High School Known For Athletics Excellence To Train All Coaches To Spot Substance AbuseThere's a new form of teamwork in the battle against substance abuse. High school coaches on Long Island have been enlisted to help spot drug and alcohol abusers and respond with support.
Measles Outbreak: Rockland County Wants Feds To Demand Proof Of Immunization From ForeignersRockland County's Health Department traces the outbreak to seven visiting foreigners in October of 2018.
Study: Playing For Fun, Not To Win, Key To Get Young Children Into Sports For LifeThe American Academy of Pediatrics says children should be physically active pretty much as soon as they can walk, run and play.
3 Long Island School Districts Close Sections Of Buildings After Tests Reveal Presence Of Mercury VaporsSeveral Long Island districts have shut down portions of school buildings after tests found mercury vapors coming from synthetic, rubber-like polyurethane flooring.
Father, Son Both In Urgent Need Of Kidney TransplantA Westchester County family is praying two miracles as a father and son are battling kidney disease and both are in desperate need of transplants.
British Cops Flock To Central Park To Honor Young Boy, Support Cancer ResearchThey warmed up and then ran a half marathon, all in remembrance of a little guy named Jack Brown who was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer more than a decade ago.
Partial Breast Radiation Procedure Giving Women More Options Against CancerInstead of radiating the entire breast, the process uses focused radiation on the small area where tumors are removed.
Ultrasound Technique Promises New Ways To Help Treat Alzheimer's DiseaseNew research on opening barriers in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer's is offering promising treatments.
Healthy Weight, Diet Showing Big Drop In Breast Cancer Risks For WomenNew research shows that changes in diet not only lowers risk for breast cancer, it also reduces a woman's risk of dying of the disease.
Alabama Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban With No Exceptions For Rape Or IncestThe bill is the most restrictive anti-abortion measure passed since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.
Anti-Vaxxers Storm Albany In Hopes Of Saving Religious Exemptions For VaccinesRobert Kennedy Jr. was among the protesters questioning the safety of vaccines. Health authorities blame misinformation for the recent outbreak; predominately centered in the Tri-state area.