New York Hospital Using Sailing As Unique Therapy For Disabled And Special Needs ChildrenAlexandria is part of a group of patients from the Hospital for Special Surgery, where they're being treated for conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, and scoliosis.
Scientists Create Vaccine Aimed At Ending Cat AllergiesA team of scientists in Switzerland are working on a vaccine targeting a major feline allergen, called Fel d 1.
NYC's 'Pharmacy To Farm' Program Bringing Free Fruits To More People With High Blood PressureChances are, you've heard about "farm to table," but what about "pharmacy to farm?”
New Diet App For Kids Met With Concern, ScrutinyA diet app for kids? Rolled out this week, the Kurbo app is designed to get kids to eat healthier. But critics fear the message it sends is anything but healthy.
Horse Therapy Helping Chronically Ill Kids With Their RecoveryPony Power Therapies services kids and adults in need of extra support or therapy.
Study Finds Link Between High Blood Pressure And DementiaStaying sharp and warding off dementia might rely, in part, on doing your best to keep blood pressure at bay.
Scientists Turn Breast Cancer Cells Into Fat, Stops Disease From Spreading, Report SaysTheir research found that treating the test subjects with a diabetic drug (rosiglitazone) and a cancer treatment (trametinib) triggered the amazing cell change.
Doctors Save Young Ballerina's Life, Career With Personalized Cancer TreatmentDoctors used what's called precision medicine, an example of how cancer therapy has evolved to take the whole patient into account.
Bronx Doctors Say Man Discovered With 'Exceedingly Rare' Condition, His Penis Is Turning Into BoneThe Bronx doctors say the unidentified man was likely suffering from an “exceedingly rare” case of ossification, or the abnormal formation of bone.
Long Beach Restaurant Closed While Health Department Investigates Potential Salmonella ExposureSymptoms of salmonella usually appear 12-72 hours after being exposed and include cramping and diarrhea.
New Medicine Promises Better Relief For People With Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderTraditional medications for OCD target brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine, but a new drug may prove more helpful.