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Allergy Patients Anxious As EpiPen Shortage ContinuesMany pharmacies around the city and country are coming up short when they type in a search for EpiPen, the device that treats life threatening allergic reactions.
Pain And Perspective: Long Island Woman Hits The Road To Battle Breast CancerMore than a decade ago, a Long Island woman made the commitment to "walk the walk" until breast cancer was no more.
CDC: Leaving Contact Lenses In At Night Can Damage Your VisionThe CDC is warning Americans about the dangers of sleeping with their contacts lenses after a number of people reportedly lost their sight.
New Generic Alternative To Pricey EpiPens Wins FDA ApprovalThe FDA has approved the first independent generic version of the EpiPen, a welcome development against escalating drug prices.
NYC Health Officials ID Source Of Legionnaires' Outbreak In Upper ManhattanIn total, 27 people were sickened in Washington Heights and Hamilton Heights, including one person who died.
How Horse Therapy Benefits Children With Special NeedsChildren with special needs are getting physical therapy with the help of horses, benefiting both physically and emotionally.
Doctor On Smart Device Blue Light Study: 'Don't Freak Out'A new study warns that exposure to blue light that comes from smartphones and tablets could lead to vision problems later in life.
HealthWatch: New Invention Could Prevent Vision Loss For DiabeticsA soft contact lens that glows in the dark while you sleep provides encouraging news about a possible, simple way to prevent a complication of diabetes.
Check Office Email From Home? Study Says 'Work Without Boundaries' Ruins Health, FamiliesStudy says being "always on" and constantly checking work email to stay on top of your job hurts your health, happiness and family.
HealthWatch: New Device Can Stop A Stroke In Its TracksClot retrievers like the EmboTrap II gives a stroke victim a shot at a normal life.
How To Help The Elderly Deal With Summer HeatSandy Quartuccio shares tips about symptoms of hyperthermia, wearing sunglasses and sunscreens, and drinking proper beverages to stay hydrated.
Almond Milk Recalled In 28 States, May Have Actual Milk In ItNearly 150,000 cartons of almond milk are being recalled because they may contain actual cow’s milk.