Cow Runs Loose On Major Deegan Expressway In The BronxThe cow ran free on I-87 southbound between the Cross Bronx Expressway and Yankee Stadium exits shortly before noon. 
Student Who Refused Chickenpox Vaccine Sues After Being Barred From Playing BasketballA high school student in Kentucky is suing his local health department after he was barred from playing basketball because he’s not vaccinated against chickenpox.
'Disgusting': Young Whale Dies With 88 Pounds Of Plastic In Its StomachA young whale whose carcass washed up in the Philippines on Friday died of "dehydration and starvation" after consuming 88 pounds of plastic bags, scientists said.
Woman With Previous DUI Gets Two Days In Jail For Fatal Drunk Driving CrashA Kansas woman convicted of killing a 35-year-old man while driving under the influence was sentenced last week to serve two days in jail, five days of house arrest and a year of probation.
‘It Got Emotional’: Disney Releases ‘Toy Story 4’ TrailerToy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21st.
Which Sesame Street Character Would You Pick To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With?Another question is dividing the Internet. This time, it revolves around Sesame Street characters.
Which Sesame Street Character Would You Pick To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With?Another question is dividing the Internet.
Solomoon: A New Trend Where Newlyweds Spend Their Honeymoon Away From Each OtherOn Instagram, almost 1,500 posts display the reality of this new trend, where newlyweds decide to vacation alone or with friends after the wedding rather than with each other. 
Some Women Turning To Laughing Gas As Alternative To Drugs During ChildbirthNitrous oxide laughing gas is now available to help women in labor.
New Jersey Man Returns Library Book 19,345 Days OverdueA 65-year-old former student brought the book back to his former school, returning it 53 years late.
Stunned Man Finds Bright Green Iguana In Toilet, Calls 911What's bright green, about two feet long, and something you don't want to find in your toilet?
U.S. Postal Service Reveals 'Sesame Street' Stamps"Sesame Street" stamps will be available at a post office near you sometime this year.
Dating Website Names Fastest Growing 'Sugar Baby' Schools In AmericaWith the cost of tuition and student loan debt on the rise, some college students are resorting to finding sugar daddies to pay their way until graduation.
Police: Woman Arrested After Stun Gun Attack Outside Victim's HomeA woman who allegedly attacked another woman with a stun gun in front of a home was arrested Tuesday, said authorities in South Carolina.
Lawsuit: Student's Free Speech Violated After Turning In LGBTQ EssayA fourth-grade student who wrote an essay on LGBTQ rights was forced to write a new essay after she was told the topic "would create a undesirable situation at the school," according to a lawsuit.
Framed Photo Of Lord's Prayer Stops Bullet Fired Into HomeA Kansas woman says a bullet that flew into her home was stopped by what she describes as an act of God.
Baby Sheep Rescued On Gowanus ExpresswayAn unlikely commuter stopped traffic on the Gowanus Expressway on Wednesday morning.
Lawmakers Push Bill That Would Require Older Men To Report Every Release Of SpermFive Georgia lawmakers are pushing a bill that would force men 55 years of age or older to report the release of sperm from their testicles.
Police: Woman Arrested With A Suitcase Full Of CatsPolice arrested a woman for public intoxication two days in a row. Officials said the first day, she was carrying a suitcase with cats inside it.
Family: Funeral Home Displayed Wrong Body At WakeA grieving family in South Florida is demanding answers after they say a local funeral home displayed the wrong body at a relative's wake.
Experts: Wireless Headphones Like AirPods Could Pose Cancer RiskA group of scientists are warning against the use of Apple Airpods, saying potentially dangerous radiation being beamed into users' heads could pose a cancer risk.
Researchers: Death Metal Music Does Not Inspire Violence"Death metal" music may be full of disturbing lyrics about cannibalism, torture and child murder, but it does not inspire violence, psychologists say.
Affidavit: Mother Fatally Stabbed 11-Year-Old Daughter To Keep Her From Having SexA Florida mother stabbed her 11-year-old daughter to death Sunday to keep the girl from having sex with men, according to an arrest affidavit.
Police: School Bus Aide Yanked MAGA Hat Off Student's HeadA Florida bus aide who allegedly yelled at a middle school student to take off a Trump hat, and then grabbed it off of his head, may face criminal charges, according to officials.
Couple Married 56 Years Dies Hours Apart While Holding HandsA Michigan couple who were married for 56 years died within hours of each other this month, holding hands until their final breaths, their daughters said.
Report: Most Of The Twenty Happiest Cities In America Are In California Or TexasIn your "pursuit of Happiness," consider California or Texas. Those two states have eleven of the twentieth happiest cities in America, according to new analysis.
Man To Drink Only Beer During LentUsually people give up beer or alcohol for Lent, but an Ohio man says he's only going to drink beer and nothing else.
Disney Releases New 'Aladdin' Trailer Ahead Of May 24 Debut In TheatersFans of Disney's Aladdin may be counting down the days until the classic animation will become a live action movie on screen May 24.
Study: Daytime Naps May Help Lower Blood PressureA new study finds a midday snooze can lower your blood pressure.

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