After-School Program 'BUILD' Transforms NYC Student Into Promising BusinessmanIt has often been said the key to success is handling failure. Educators are passing along that wisdom through a non-profit after-school program.
Salvation Army Bell Ringer Shares Thrill Of Holiday Season GivingDerrick Dove is among the Salvation Army's top collecting bell ringers in the charity group's red kettle campaign.
North Pole Express Train Readies For Holiday Season's ReturnRunning on 12 miles of track, it takes nearly 500 people to keep the North Pole Express operating, most using volunteers.
'They Are The Epitome Of New York': Author Explains Why Pigeons Fit In With Hustle And Bustle Of Big AppleIn an urban environment like New York City, one of the few connections with nature is the pigeon. It's a bird largely ignored, but one man is bringing the beauty of the pigeon into focus.
Snap Shot NY: 96-Year-Old Judge Has A New Hobby... Ice Dancing?If you stop by the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers, you might get a glimpse of a man whose real job deals with people skating on thin ice.
Snap Shot NY: Prosthetist Makes Customized Artificial Limbs For Children Of All Economic MeansThe average prosthesis is between $10,000 and $25,000, and most insurance companies only cover 80 percent of the cost. 
Meet The Baker With A Badge: Local Police Chief Takes Stress Out Of Life By Making CupcakesThere are a lot of things we love about baking. It makes the kitchen smell great, it's creative, and, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, it's a great stress reliever.
Brooklyn Man Has American-Themed Memorabilia Collection You Have To See To BelieveWe all collect something. We collect friends and knowledge and experiences. One man in Bensonhurst has gained fame for his collection of memorabilia.