Report: Social Media May Be Linked To A Sharp Rise In Mental Health Issues In Young PeopleResearch found possible links between social media and skyrocketing rates of mental health issues among young people.
Legislators Seek To Silence Onslaught Of Unwanted RobocallsAccording to the FCC, robocalls have increased by 57 percent in 2018 to 47.8 billion total in the U.S.
Eye On Cyber: VPNs Help Protect Your Privacy When Using An Unsecured Wi-Fi NetworkThink about all the times you’ve read emails in the coffee shop or done some online banking at the gym. Chances are, any data that was transmitted could also possibly be seen by others on the same unsecured network.
Users Reporting Widespread Problems On Facebook And InstagramFacebook is having problems Wednesday morning that's preventing people from posting. 
Session Recording May Pose A Threat To Your CybersecurityMany online companies use session recording tools to track how long users spend on their site and what they click on.
Law Enforcement Warns Of 'Spoofing' Phone ScamSuffolk County police are sounding the alarm on a phone scam known as "spoofing." Police say it's particularly concerning because it looks like you're getting an official call from the government.
Eye on Cyber: Phone Or Laptop Running Slowly? Could Be CryptominingBelieve it or not, you could be helping someone else earn digital currency, like Bitcoin, without even knowing it.
Company Aims To Court Americans' Meaty Tastes With 3D-Printed Fake SteaksA Spanish company wants to fill the world with "conscious carnivores" one steak at a time. The company relies on 3D printers to make their meat stand out.