'Skull Breaker Challenge' Circulating On TikTok Is Sending Kids To The HospitalThe challenge calls for a victim to be fooled into thinking they're learning a new dance.
Game Over: HQ Trivia Shuts Down As Company DissolvesThe once-popular mobile quiz app officially shut down Friday, laying off 25 employees.
Healthwatch: Virtual Reality Helps Put Aging Or Disabled Military Veterans At Events Honoring Their ServiceTechnology has come to the rescue of our aging military veterans. It's about enabling sick or disabled vets to share in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Uber App Adds 'Make My Train' Feature To Help Riders Catch The LIRRUsers enter what time they want to be at the station and the app calculates a pick-up time based on real-time transit data.
'Safer Internet Day' Aims To Teach Parents About Emerging Online IssuesAccording to the National Association of Attorneys General, 93% of teens aged 12-17 are online on a regular basis.
Tinder Rolling Out New Safety Features, Including 'Panic Button'Match Group says this launch makes it the first dating company to integrate these types of safety features.
Consumer Reports: Security, Privacy Issues Found In Popular Women's Health AppsInvestigators say none of the apps could promise that sensitive information wasn't getting out.
Last Day To File Claim In $700M Equifax Data Breach SettlementThe company agreed to pay up to $700 million after the 2017 breach exposed Social Security numbers and other private information of nearly 150 million people.
Shopping, Technology Merge At NYC ExpoThe blending of the real and virtual worlds is part of an effort to attract shoppers, especially younger generations.
Down Syndrome Group Partnering With L.I. College To Improve Google's Voice Recognition TechnologySome Long Islanders are helping to teach Google how to better understand them.
NSA Finds Serious Vulnerability In Microsoft's Operating SystemsThe National Security Agency says it has found a serious vulnerability in all of Microsoft's operating systems.
Artificial Intelligence Giving Doctors A Second Opinion To Detect Breast CancerUsing computer artificial intelligence is offering some exciting news about better early detection of breast cancer.
New York Auto Tech Competition Prepares Next Generation To Fix Computer-Based CarsWe're used to seeing sports competitions, but a new type of tournament is being used to inspire a younger generation to get into auto repair.
Cnet At CES: Tablets With Flexible Screens, The Cheapest 5G Phone, And MoreWe're not quite at the point where flexible screens are common, but we're starting to see a few more of them.
Cnet At CES: Foldable Phones, Humanoid AI Chatbots And MoreSamsung's Neon project turns out to be fully interactive "virtual humans."