Doctor Warns Of Infection Dangers Associated With Repeated Wireless Headphone UseSince their debut, wireless headphones have skyrocketed in popularity. It's hard to walk down the streets of Manhattan and not see any. But keep them in for too long, and you could be paying the price.
Live From The Surgery? App Connects Surgeons With Patient's Family, Friends In Real-TimeA new app called Ease allows doctors and nurses to provide live updates from the operating room to anyone the patient chooses.
'Girls Go CyberStart Challenge' Aims To Identify 'Special Kind Of Cybersecurity Person'With so many companies vulnerable to data breaches, the world of cybersecurity is tapping into a new demographic: Girls.
Stony Brook University's Immersive Display Chambers Offers A Whole New World For Doctors, ScientistsThanks to a $1 million computer upgrade, if you step into one of the University's three immersive display chambers, you can visualize tiny parts of the body supersized.
Robotic Microscope Helping Surgeons During Delicate Brain Tumor Removal ProceduresThere is amazing new technology that's helping surgeons perform the most delicate of all operations -- brain surgery.
Gov. Murphy Touts New Initiative Designed To Give N.J. Students Opportunity To Study TechnologyPhil Murphy has some important news for every parent of a school student. The governor is expanding access to coding and other technology education to everyone.
Apple Warns Older iPhones Will Lose Internet, GPS If Not Updated Before Daylight Saving Time EndsIf it ain't broke, don't fix it... right? Well, some Apple product users may not have a choice this weekend as we set the clocks back Sunday morning.
Twitter Announces Ban On All Political Ads Ahead Of 2020 ElectionTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the company is recognizing that advertising on social media offers an unfair level of targeting compared to other mediums.
New Jersey Hiker Who Fell Off Cliff Saved By His Apple Watch's 'Fall Detection' FeatureWhen James Prudenciano set out for a hike with a friend last Monday, he never imagined the day would go so drastically downhill.
Nassau County Kicks Off Tech Seminar Series To Teach People How To Spot Cyber Crime, Online ScamsOn Thursday, Nassau County kicked off the first of its 18 new Tech Smart seminars with a presentation at Glen Cove Library.
Implantable Heart Monitor Making It Possible To Track Dangerous Heart RhythmsWhat do you get if you combine an EKG heart monitor with a Wi-Fi transmitter and then shrink it down to the size of a memory stick?
Experts Say Your Phone's Apps Are Not Secretly Listening In On YouMany believe we are being spied on by social media companies to target ads, but researchers say that's not the case. CBS2's Cindy Pom reports.
Expert: New Key-Copying Kiosks Cause For ConcernTechnology can allow you to duplicate a house key in just minutes, but now one company is offering a new service that has some concerned.
Too Addicting? Canadian Firm To File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Fortnite CreatorsMontreal firm Calex Légal represents parents who claim their kids are addicted to Fortnite, and believe they should have been warned.
New App Helping New Jersey Residents Make Money Renting Their Driveways, Helping Commuters Find ParkingWant to make a few extra dollars? Perhaps you're looking for somewhere to park. Either way, you’re in luck; there's a new app allowing homeowners to put their driveways up for rent to commuters.