According to recent reports, Father’s Day spending is expected to hit an all-time high of $11 billion in 2011 – but that’s no reason to break the bank. This year, we’ve pulled together some creative gifts for Dad that are under $25 and are sure to please.

Give Dad an E-Card:

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There has been a growing trend of sending E-Cards for holidays, birthdays and special occasions (500 million e-cards vs. 20 million paper cards). This year E*TRADE has launched the free widget, BabyMail for Father’s Day. Sons and daughters simply upload their own baby photo match up facial points to optimize animation, type or record a brief personal message, and voila — a personalized talking “BabyMail” is ready for e-mail delivery. They can also be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter and embedded on personal blogs or websites. Send it instead of a card this year.

Get Dad His Favorite App

Apple iPhone (credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Any Dad on the go is probably attached to his phone—aren’t we all these days? Here are a few several handy apps to help him go green and save money: GasCubby ($9.99) tracks gas mileage and vehicle upkeep. Grill Guide ($0.99)will help Dad measure the thickness of a chicken breast or rib eye steak, etc. with a digital ruler—he can also look up how long to grill and what temperature. iHandyCarpenter ($1.99) eliminates the bulky tool belt—use the digital tools to measure floor tile installations, hang pictures or even use a protractor for planning out the new bathroom!

Send Dad His Favorite E-Reader Magazines

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Browse various digital magazine subscriptions from Barnes & Noble. With plenty of different magazines to choose from, once you make a purchase they’ll be delivered right to Dad’s email address. Not only is this another Eco-Friendly gift, but it’s only about $24 on average for a yearly subscription.

Convert Dad’s Home Movies To DVD

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Whether it’s footage from Dad’s own childhood that was captured on a video reel, his European adventures while in college or tapes from his early family life when everyone was just a child, Dad will love the ability to pop in the DVD in the comfort of his own living room to enjoy. Companies like ScanDigital will convert them and it’s only $20 a tape.

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