Whether you’re taking a train, plane or vehicle, we’re here to help you navigate with this comprehensive list of resources.


Connecticut DOT
New York City DOT
New York State DOT
New Jersey DOT
Port Authority Bridges & Tunnels
MTA Bridges & Tunnels


– Amtrak
– Long Island Rail Road
– Metro-North Rail Road
– MTA Subways | Subway Service Advisories


MTA Buses
NICE Bus On Long Island
Port Authority Bus Terminals


FAA Flight Delay Information
TSA Travel Tips
CBS News Interactive: U.S. Airport Tracker

LaGuardia Airport (LGA):


John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK):

JFK AirTrain

Newark Airport (EWR):

Newark AirTrain

Other Airports:

MacArthur Airport
Teterboro Airport
Westchester County Airport

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  1. pm says:

    This commuter app in the Itunes store worked well.. It wakes you up if you fall asleep on the train

    App Store – Transit Nap http://bit.ly/nc8HRj

  2. Sergio says:

    Alternate Side parking suspension only applies to signs that have the P with a slash across it. If the sign says No Parking Anytime, No Parking 7AM to 7PM Weekdays, etc. those are still in effect.

    1. Sergio says:

      A better way to know … generally, the no parking signs that are white with red lettering are suspended, but the red signs with the white lettering are always in effect!

    2. Luis says:

      What if NYC declared a state of emergency? (because of the snow storm obviously) I parked behind my building and found a 95. dollar ticket on the windshield for parking in a spot where the signs parking between 7AM – 7PM Weekdays, but the ticket stated that I parked in an unauthorized zone. I parked on the same spot 2 weeks ago and got a 65 ticket for letting the meter expire 5 minutes past. Not to mention that when I got the 95. dollar ticket, I paid the meter and it didnt expire despite the snow storm.. so the question is what the hell are these metere maids doing? Ill go ahead take a picture of the sign, show the declaration of emergency, and fight it.

  3. Lauren says:

    Add the PATH to the train list, there are tons of New Jersey commuters that use the PATH to come into NYC for work and need to know delays and cancellations.

  4. Angelica says:

    Was the northbound side of the TRIBORO closed into the bronx closed today around 5 pm???????

  5. sumpa says:

    thanks to you!! knowing snow and going to places ice in danger. now helpful, staying home safety to be when storm. snow much new york, warmer when country my born, and now colder.

    all people please safety everyone! i am sumpa orlions.

  6. liliana says:

    Fantastic!!! it was long overdue. It’s about time we had a good guide like this. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

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