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De Blasio Sounds Alarm On Federal Government ShutdownThe mayor warned New Yorkers if the ongoing shutdown doesn't end, nearly two million people in the city could lose federal aid for everything from food stamps to housing. CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reports.
Officials Bracing For Back To Back Winter BlastsWith serious snow likely on the way, the city's sanitation and emergency management commissioners got out in front of it Friday trying to make sure the city's response is not a repeat of that last November's crippling snowstorm. CBS2's Jessica Layton reports.
Exclusive: Victim Of Acid Attack Offers Message Of HopeAlexandra Dyer wanted to be in court Thursday as one of the people responsible for attacking her with acid was sentenced for the crime. She will carry the scars for the rest of her life, but she also has forgiveness. CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.
Now's The Time To Re-Boot Your New Year's ResolutionIf you're like most Americans, you've probably failed by now -- but you can still get back on track. CBS2's Alice Gainer reports.
Survivors Urge Women To Get Screened For Breast Cancer, Regardless Of BRCA StatusWhat if your BRCA test is negative, yet many of your relatives have breast cancer? CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has more on what you should do then.
Pet Rescue Organizations Trying To Help During Government ShutdownThey hope no more pets will need rescuing as a result of the government shutdown. CBS2's Vanessa Murdock reports.
NYPD Using Age Progression Technology In Missing Child Cold CasePatrick Alford was seven when he was last seen in the hallway of his foster mother's Brooklyn apartment building in 2010.
Paterson Mayor Announces 'Tools For Trust' InitiativeTensions are rising after Jameek Lowery, 27, live-streamed his final moments at Paterson Police headquarters on Facebook Live earlier this month. Some have called for the attorney general and governor to step in. CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reports.