Elle McLogan

ellemclogan Elle McLogan
Elle McLogan joined CBS2 in September 2017 as a digital reporter for CBSNewYork.com.

She hosts, shoots, and edits The Dig With Elle McLogan, which uncovers gems hidden across our area. The Dig has explored a Staten Island restaurant where the cooks are grandmothers, a Manhattan cathedral where sheep mow the lawns, and a North Fork farm where potatoes become chips.

In 2018 Elle was named Outstanding Social Media Personality by the New York State Broadcasters Association.

Born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island, Elle moved to North Carolina to attend Davidson College. She joined the Davidson Dance Team and pursued extracurricular activities in food and cooking.

Elle earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude honors.

After graduation, Elle moved to China to review restaurants as a food critic. She spent four years in Shanghai, hosting television programs and documentaries with a focus on food and culture.

A volunteer with the nonprofit organization Reading Partners, Elle teaches reading to struggling students at under-resourced New York schools.

Follow Elle on Instagram and Twitter @ElleMcLogan.

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