• Gator In Swimming PoolThe Barons of Bayport were all prepared to cool off with a dip in their pool on Saturday, but before they could they had to contend with a small swimming intruder.
  1. Karla says:

    That’s a crackerjack answer to an interesting quetsion

  2. Agues says:

    Great blog Seth!Clearly the snowboarding speed and skill has rbished off on to your blogging perhaps we can coin a new term snowblogging or blogboarding ??Lots of lovely add-ons here!Terrific,Valentina

  3. Paul E. Mann says:

    ,,I’m still waiting for the ACTUAL PERPS to be tried and HUNG for this INSIDE JOB…
    try celebrating truth for the victims of these false flag demolitions.

  4. teketoria says:

    All right…. promise us something now: no more Osama , the girls hate him find a younger terrorist, the girls hate him.

  5. AMIT JANGRA says:

    ACHA HAI …

  6. hondo says:

    these dolts believe this? unbelievable he’s been dead for years how gullible can you be

  7. jayjay says:

    It’s a symbolic event, but it changes nothing in terms of our safety or the safety of the world.

    As to those who don’t believe he’s really dead- it’s easier to kill him than to organize such a detailed lie, particularly since, if he were not dead, he’d show up and make a video like he’s done before. although, i have no doubt that there will be “sightings”. people believe what they want to believe.

    Showing a picture would not be proof enough to those who want to think it’s a lie and would definitely be inflammatory, so what would be the point?

    1. Don says:

      Just noticed the lights on the new Freedom Tower tonight– RED, WHITE AND BLUE.
      Love the spirit– God Bless America ! ! !

      1. Auth says:

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  8. Lennie says:

    I am more excited than most other poeple. This is a really great news, and the fiming was so good, too.

    I mean, were it not for this big news, the media would have bombarded us with that tabloid stuffs of “William-this” or “Kate-that” for another two weeks at least. To finish off this stupid royal wedding franzy, we really needed a big news, and WOW, THIS is a big news. More importantly, this is a GOOD news.

    [Question: Quite a few years ago, the Spanish crown prince got married. Were Mexicans as excited about that wedding as we Americans were about this Brithis wedding? Why are we acting as if we are still a British colony?)

    1. Lennie says:

      Sorry, “fiming”–> “timing”.

      1. Bschp says:

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  9. Smartsgal says:

    I’ve got this feeling that he ain’t dead, which iz y I ain’t exactly happy.

    Even if he’s really dead, is it really ‘yay’? I mean, what will be the response of the Muslim terrorists? Bombing?
    I seriously agree with state secretary Hillary Clinton – it ain’t over. Be alert!

  10. Sarsie says:

    He’s been dead for years, it’s election time!!!

  11. Soap says:

    Why then was he not buried in the Hudson River or Jersey Shore if we wanted a burial at sea. Sorry folks. the band is still playing.

  12. Soap says:

    I’ll believe it when I see his head in basket.

    1. George says:

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  13. Thulani says:

    ya the World would be joyful of his death. but me personally i dont believe he is death.

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