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  1. Nunzio B Iacampo says:

    I am content that [weiner]quit his post…now maybe someone will replace him that does not have a fried brain……Nunzio B Iacampo also known as Bernie from NYC

  2. Nunzio B Iacampo says:

    there is too much low class acts being done by supposedly mature,intelligent politicians………….That tells me that anyone and I mean anyone can be an elected servant…….Any person creating outlandish behavior should be immediately dethroned ……….

  3. CSI says:

    he’s pretty jacked for an old fella. I would send my pic to. If I was him I would say how many of you can take your shirt off with out having all the flab. STOP HATING!

    1. Nunzio B Iacampo says:

      millions upon millions can…..wake up….we are not in bad shape like you!

    2. 1776 says:

      Whoa! I hope you’re a gal saying such things. If not, that comment sounds like something a “San Franciscan” might say (about another fella).

  4. Marina Ios says:

    does not even look sexy….sorry

  5. thomas scanlon says:

    to congressman rangle: it takes one to know one, one bum to another, or one bum to a weiner. you both should be ashamed and get out.

  6. brooklyn4ever says:

    At least take the pictures of yourself and your family down from behind you if you insist on being a complete and total idiot. Even if he denied it until he was blue in the face, the pictures behind him would tell the truth. And this is what we elect to Congress. Pathetic!

  7. rob says:

    Sad part is that people actually elected this guy to office. Forget the latest email nonsense, this guy is an arrogant little man that behaves like a spoiled child. He has no place in public office. Of course he will continue to be elected by his captive voters….read into that yourself.

  8. Lucy says:



  9. Larry says:

    I really cant understand how certain people can condone a politician (leader) doing all those crazy things (perverted) and still say the guy should not resign. If he stays in there, he is going to do something stupid again because it seems by nature he is stupid guy. He had to realise that doing what he was doing would come to light sometime as it did. I think Mrs. Weiner should bolt and find someone else who has more morals. Weiner should resign and if he doesn’t he should be kicked out which I am sure will happen very very soon.

    1. Zane says:

      Why? What does sending a nude photo have to do with your political mind/skills? Less than 1/3 of the people in his district said he should resign. That means a VAST majority of HIS people who HE represents wanted him to stay. Obviously he does something right. Now that he’s resigned they’re calling for him to run in the special election, where he would no doubt win.

  10. sllg334kg says:

    With so many really serious issues, we obsess over this?
    We have lost our way, will entertain ourselves into oblivion, and get what we deserve. Too bad so many innocents, the environment and the planet as a whole will lose.

  11. me_over_here says:

    Looks like our wonderful politicians have no morals what so ever. We need to get back to shunning people like him and all the other cheaters out there!!!

  12. Dale Auburn says:

    Lying about photos on Twitter is the most heinous thing imaginable.

    If he “had” to lie about something, it should have been about WMD’s to get us into two wars for his own personal enrichment. At least THAT can be forgiven!

    1. Weener says:

      I completely agree with you and the other commenter above: I think we’re taking this a little out of hand.

  13. MikeNYC says:

    It’s hard to believe that anyone would think these pictures are obscene. How many guys on the beach show as much? Give me a break!

  14. nyc says:

    It is hard to believe that intelligent ,succsessful adults would put things out there in the cyber world and not think it’s coming back or available to everyone ! Stupid, just plain stupid and we warn our children about the cyber world !

  15. smh says:

    This man has too much time on his hands and pants
    LOL@the cat pretending to be sleep, he like I wish I was someone else’s pet (facepalm)

  16. Janeen OmightyIsis Jackson says:

    look like this man has too much time on his hands. lol@how the cat is like (facepalm) dont photo me with Mr. I GOTTA SHOW MY WEINER

  17. CivilityisDead says:

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  18. Mike Rotch says:

    This is what happens when you don’t know right from schl0ng.

  19. Huma is Yum says:

    This d-bag looks like Squidward. His wife (hot) should bolt.

    1. 1776 says:

      LOL @ “Squidward”!

  20. Ray futrell says:

    If you are one of this weenie’s constituents, you should be contacting his office demanding his resignation. Send a message to this pervert that such behavior is not acceptable. Put the pressure on and keep it on until he resigns!

  21. ace says:

    I can hear a chorus of women singing, “I wish he’d been Oscar Meyer Weiner”

    1. fly on the wall says:

      Is that the kind of people you want in charge of our country ? I guess no big deal to you. How about if some in washington or an enemy gets the info and they do and blackmales him and others that could harm our country. You know do as Isay not as you want or else we expose it. Being no big deal to you and others who think the same way don’t us the brain to think about spies etc. a spy could easily tweet with a georgeous picture then threaten a tell all if they don’t follow orders. Agree or still no big deal to you ?

  22. Double Standard says:

    Double Standard…just imagine if he was an evil REPUBLICAN! Can not wait to see how the Dems respond.

    1. bingogold says:

      How humiliating….why of why…..did he do this… A beautiful wife…a good career
      it’s so sad…….

      1. Mr. Clinton says:

        Beautiful? She’s a muslim pig, and he’s a jew the Germans missed.

    2. Tom says:

      Actually, earlier this year, there was a Republican congressman from the Buffalo NY area who sent shirtless photos of himself online. When the story broke, he did not lie, blame hackers, or claim a conspiracy against him. He resigned. End of story.

  23. Rick says:

    They plump when you cook’em, BALLPARK FRANKS!!!!

  24. Josh says:

    Since he is a Democrat, he won’t be forced to resign and the media will cover for him.

  25. Pat says:

    So if Wiener was a Republican would the Democrats and other wieners call for his resignation?

  26. Karen says:

    If you were sending this to your wife whom you claim to love so much we would not be having this conversation but it seems you have your cake …and “eat it” too. Just another politician out of touch with basic right and wrong. Is there anyone out there I can respect and have faith in or do all of you elected officials think you’re above every day common descency!

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