• Honoring FDNY Lt. Brian SullivanOfficials, family and fellow firefighters gathered to remember 27-year FDNY veteran Lt. Brian Sullivan.
  1. cj says:

    I have an 8 year old and I’ve just read this story and it hurts inside to see that a person so evil would take such innocence away from our world like that! Poor baby boy! I am so sorry! Death is not good enough for the sins this man has committed. I do not care what kind of mental illnesses a person may have. For a person to have evil like that alive inside of them to do things like this with no remorse they need to be banished from all exsistence. But who are we to make that judgment?!

  2. marisel gonzalez says:

    i pray that leibys parents pain heal as time goes by,its very hard because i lost my father and i still suffer and miss my father dearly,no child should go through what leiby suffered,you will never be forgotten********

  3. Naima says:

    My prayers are extended to the family and the entire Jewish community. The only person responsible for this horror is Levi Aron. However, I was horrified by comments from Jewish leaders that this child was so vunerable to total strangers. That he would listen to and follow directions from anyone. Before we, as parents, allow our children to travel the streets alone, we must inform, prepare and train them about the dangers that exist. We may choose to protect them from anything but REALITY.

    1. darcy Jones says:

      Actually,I was shocked at the trusting way this child got right in to a total strangers car.Oprah once did a show on this very subject.The parents were told to train and deeply educate their children to NEVER follow strangers. Then they filmed these same “well trained “children in the park. They used an actor who was either looking for his puppy or had a puppy [I can’t quite remember the bait.. But, in every single case, the child followed the stranger. These were children who had just been trained by their parents. This Oprah show was SO FRIGHTENING to see how vulnerable all our children really are to being lured by a con., no matter how much training they had received

  4. ngonzalez says:

    Rest in peace..We will never forget you

  5. Brenda says:

    Monster, you are the devil himself

  6. Gioldasis says:

    if they kill the prophets and we have to get along things are so vivid that even child as Rachael the brides kids are not even safe.Its to get along only to find murders in our mist.Whom teach us its statues.I think she is watching us all rabbi.And like fanatics we cry out look look its been here all this time.

    1. grokq says:

      You are either crazy or you don’t know English. You should not be writing for public viewing.

  7. Frank says:

    Sounds like Jeffrey Dahmer and Michael Myers both back from the dead!!!!! Here we have a twisted and sick pedophile- murderer who likewise happens to be Jewish!!!!! Talk about a REVOLTING HORROR!!!!……….I pray the Orthodox Jewish community comes to grips with these predators that often lurk among their own kind and elsewhere!!!!!

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