• A Closer Look At New York City's Parade CarIf you've watched a ticker-tape parade in New York in the past seven decades, you've seen the same car lead the way down the Canyon of Heroes: a custom-built Imperial Phaeton.
  1. A. Global citizen says:

    Once upon a time I live in a land far away.We used to barter objects for other objects and then money was invented. Money and all its components are virtual reality. It is only through common consent that money has any value at all. If the protesters and those who are unable to protest because of work commitments or are fed up with the way that the American system is going want to really bring about change and a few philantropic individuals with vast amounts of disposable income want to bring change to America and make themselves wealthier than they currently are. they need to alter the current concept of capitalism.There should be a new bank initiated called, for talks sake,”The United Peoples of America Bank. The backers and financers of such a bank would make a great deal more of the folding stuff but they would need to ask those who are now losing out in the American system, the policemen, the nurses the public servants and unions, to name a few, to put all their financial resources into this new, United Peoples of America Bank and push the banks that are undercapitalised, the banks that are guilty of Usery and the banks that are used to create tax dodges and loop holes out of business. If enough of the American people can be brought under the financial umbrella of this new bank then many of the established banks would wither and perish and the current form of capitalism with all its’ intrinsic faults that will always lead eventually to a collapse of any financial system and the global financial systems in a cyclic nature can be repaced with a superior capitalistic system that will reward the many rather than the few with the few still getting a good return on their investment.Personnaly, I canot see this occuring because when one looks at the the drive and determination to succeed that has made America the proud land it has recently been seems to have been replaced by a national resignation to defeat, apathy and polarised self interest. Ask not what your banking system can do for you, Ask what you can do for your banking system by applying pressure to change in the right areas of the current capitalist system to bring the change that you, the PEOPLES of America want and require to be the most successfull nation on earth beyond the 21st century. Will you do it and change or will you leave it and die.I watch with interest because when you take all the present strands that exist in the American system it is simply a matter of logical analysis to weave the web that is currently under constructions and unfortunately awaits fruition in Americas’ future.
    Every American can take their strands of the current web and weave the web of the future that will bring prosperity and justice but will You?
    I am just Animatedclay, if God did not give me a little of his spirit, I would not breath,be or exist. Wishing that, You American Peoples go forward with hope in your heart and a spring in your step. God speed and peace.

  2. R Sommers says:

    When will we get a leader to squash these have nots, like mosquitoes!
    Populate like rats, no education, expecting handouts! Crawl back into your sewers

  3. Tom Sommers says:

    Let them eat cake!!!

    Tommy S

    The new reality, there isn’t enough of anything for everybody!

    1. A. Global citizen says:

      There is enough in the world for human need but not for human greed. I suggest you find out about available resources and projected resources.

  4. Andrew Nutra says:

    I bet you any money none of all this will make a difference.

  5. Fritz Von says:

    Soylent green now !!!



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