• Honoring FDNY Lt. Brian SullivanOfficials, family and fellow firefighters gathered to remember 27-year FDNY veteran Lt. Brian Sullivan.
  1. sumdumfat says:

    Let me ask you the protesters some questions.
    Do you use Iphone? Are you wearing North Face or any other brand name clothings? Do you drink beer or any wine ?
    Do you drink soda or can/bottle beverges?
    Do you know that you are feeding the Fat Cats that you are protesting against to?

  2. pete says:

    Protesters try spending your time and energy on your goals and success without expecting those who have to pay your way

  3. bowamy says:

    how ironic – holding a sign that says “Kill Corporate Greed” while you are also drinking a Coca-Cola! do these people even understand why they are protesting or is it just another excuse to do nothing all day and blame everybody else for their inadequacies?

  4. Read Past the Headlines! says:

    uhhhh… did everyone miss the part where the banks paid the TARP funds (‘bailout’) back?

    1. R.M. says:

      Are you so STUPID that you actually BELIEVE that?!!!

      Tear yourself away from the TV. They’ve stolen hundreds of trillions of dollars for their offshore accounts. They have “no intention” of paying it back.

      1. Protesters are Idiots says:

        Hundreds of trillions? A little hyperbole there, Dave?

      2. The Bruce says:


        I think you’ve lost touch with reality there, buddy. Here’s a suggestion, take off the tin-foil hat and stop visiting Prison Planet and InfoWars.

  5. blake says:

    Nice… quote a guy that offed himself – make sense.

  6. W-2 says:

    Where are the non-white protestors? Why has the press not pounced on these protestors as just another bunch of racists?

  7. Al Gore says:

    Nothing but a Soros-funded flash mob for spoiled rich kids the lost their future inheritance when Daddy’s investments went south. Drum circles? Really? That’s the nest this generation could come up with?

    1. R.M. says:

      Maybe you need to read the history of THE FED, jerk. They are a LEECH on America, and have been since 1913. NO FED = NO DEBT.

      These young people are doing YOUR dirty work while you sit on your A$$.

  8. Al Gor says:

    Clueless Soros-funded puppets. They’re just p!ssed that they lot their inheritance thanks to the stock market. Nothing more than a flash mob for free sh!t.

  9. Christina says:

    We Bail out the Banks and now we are hurting BAD. Where’s OUR BAILOUT?!

    1. The Bruce says:


      What a load. You didn’t bail out anything. The government loaned the banks the money and the banks paid it back (plus interest).

      You want a bailout? Try a job. And if you still have one, you must be whining about excessive credit card debt that you piled up because you’re irresponsible. Your irresponsibilty isn’t the government’s concern, nor is it my problem.

  10. John Moser says:

    Well, they don’t have the Hitler Youth’s fashion sense, but otherwise they’re pretty much the same.

  11. Terry Pilosi says:

    Do the Wall Street protesteors realize that 90% of those employed by Wall Street firms DO NOT receive inflated salaries, have mortgages, need to feed and clothe their children. Why persecute all for a few. Pack up and go home.

    1. teaj says:

      they don’t realize a whole lot of anything.

    2. The Bruce says:


      They’re mostly college age kids. Translation: They don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground.

      Just don’t tell them that. Their mommies have been telling them since the womb that they’re special.

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