Steve Somers

Somers’ Monologue: Giants Sure To Give 49ers Fans Taste Of Vintage Whine

Before the game, 49ers fans will gather in the parking lot to tailgate and sip their favorite wine. After the game, their favorite whine will be, “We can’t beat the Giants!”


Somers’ Monologue: A Giant Poem Of Thanksgiving (Sort Of)

In what is called the Meadowlands/A team of green arrived/To quiet the masses who demand/That Big Blue should survive.


Somers’ Monologue: Giants Got Tebow’d… By Vince Young!

What a football game it wasn’t! How (not) fun!


Tim Tebow

Somers’ Monologue: Jets’ Turn To Try And Smash Tebow Novelty

The quarterback option in the pass-happy 2011 NFL? The quarterback option?!


Somers’ Monologue: Rangers Rock The Mausoleum

Icelanders fans must have been optimistic at 2-2. And then THIS happened!


Somers’ Monologue: Football Party Ruined? Blame Giants, Jets

What wonderful New York football on Sunday (sarcasm). Who wasn’t elated? Who didn’t feel like having a party?


Somers’ Monologue: CC Has 2 Favorite Captains, And Jeter Isn’t No. 1

The Yankees will gladly give CC Sabathia another year and millions and millions more dollars. CC will give them, if not a 20-win season, oh… maybe another 50 or 100 pounds in return.


Somers’ Monologue: Game 6 Washout Means More Second-Guessing La Russa

Many years after Tony La Russa appeared on the game show, “To Tell The Truth,” the Isaac Newton of our national pastime is still making us guess.


Somers’ Monologue: Can You Hear Me Now? Calling Tony La Oopsa!

The Genius. Copernicus of the Diamond. Plato the Thinker. The Philosopher of the Dugout. Socrates of St. Louis. The Da Vinci of Baseball. We could go on and on.


Somers’ Monologue: Where’s The Romance In Baseball Today?

A long time ago, the very popular actor Humphrey Bogart lovingly said of baseball: “A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.”


Somers’ Monologue: Derrick Mason Saw ‘Cracks’… And He Fell Through One Of Them

He had issues with the playbook, mostly because there were no plays for him in it.


Somers’ Monologue: Yankees Need To… Oh No! Back-To-Back Homers!

While breaking down the Ivan Nova-Doug Fister matchup, Steve was rudely interrupted by back-to-back jacks off the bats of Detroit.


Somers’ Monologue: Yes, Jose Reyes Was Pulled… Now Move On

Reyes has broken the baseball code of ethics? As if baseball has any ethics anymore?


Somers’ Monologue: Rex Wins Twice… Grossman And Ryan, That Is

As for the Giants, as you know by now, they lost and are lost. And now Hakeem Nicks is banged up.


Somers’ Monologue: Who’s Left On Giants’ Defense?!

The Giants have become the Mets in shoulder pads!


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