Sims: Why Wilmer Flores' Knee Infection Is Serious BusinessMets infielder Wilmer Flores was placed on the disabled list on Friday and spent the weekend in the hospital to receive IV treatment for a knee infection.
Sims: Breaking Down What We Know About Lucas Duda's Hyperextended ElbowMets first baseman Lucas Duda suffered a hyperextended left elbow in the fifth inning of Wednesday's game when the Phillies' Cesar Hernandez tried to run out an infield hit and ran into Duda’s glove with his left shoulder as the Met fielded the throw from the pitcher.
Sims: 10 Days Seems Like Too Short A DL Stint For Yankees' SanchezGary Sanchez, the Yankees' young star catcher and budding power hitter extraordinaire, evidently sustained what has been called a right biceps strain on Saturday.
Sims: Why MLB Pitchers Are So Susceptible To lists 70 player injuries as of this writing, and 45 of those – 64 percent – are to pitchers.
Watch Your Back! Snow Shoveling Safety TipsSnow can be pretty heavy, especially the really wet stuff. If you haven’t been hitting the gym regularly or training for snow shoveling as your sport of choice, you may be waking up with some aches and pains. Here are a few tips to dig yourself out a little more safely.
Sims: Is J.R. Smith Really Ready To Return From Broken Thumb?J.R. Smith is readying to come back from surgery for what was termed a “complex thumb fracture” sustained on Dec. 20 while trying to swipe a ball from an opponent.
Sims: Analyzing David Wright's Reported Shoulder ImpingementDavid Wright has struggled to stay healthy over the last few years, sidelined by a number of injuries and diagnoses.
Sims: Explaining The Significance Of Kevin Durant's Wounded KneeGolden State's Kevin Durant reportedly suffered a hyperextended knee less than a minute into Tuesday night's contest against the Washington Wizards and exited the court shortly thereafter.
Sims: Eovaldi Faces Long, Tough Road Back To MajorsThough a number of pitchers have returned to action after having a repeat Tommy John, research has shown a significantly lower success rate the second time around.
Sims: Should The Mets Be Very Concerned About Wright? Yes, They Should BeThough assistant GM John Ricco reportedly claimed that “doctors aren’t that worried about it,” stenosis isn’t something that just goes away.
Sims: A Closer Look At Masahiro Tanaka's Troubling InjuriesThe Masahiro Tanaka story continues to unfold, with uncertainty and caution the prevailing themes.