Newark Land Bank Program Aims To Boost Homeownership For ResidentsIt will turn the city's abandoned and vacant properties into safe, affordable homes and retail space.
Judge Puts Hold On New York State's Broker Fee Ban After Real Estate Groups File SuitReal estate groups fired back, saying the ban puts an undue burden on the backs of landlords, who’d just end up raising monthly rent.
Mayor's Office Looking To Streamline Process Of Turning Basements, Cellars Into Legal Rentals In NYCThe mayor's office expects at least 10,000 safe and legal apartments to stem from these changes within the next decade.
Finding Affordable Housing In NYC Is Hard, It's Almost Impossible If You're A SeniorLiz Cole has lived and worked in New York City for most of her adult life. She says the realities of aging in the city, being her own support system, and living on a fixed income is stressful.
Brooklyn DA Gonzalez: 3 Arrested In Coney Island Affordable Housing Complex Bribery ScandalIf you wanted to jump the list and score a highly sought-after apartment in an affordable housing complex in Coney Island all you had to do was bribe those in charge.
City’s Plan To Scrap Community Garden For Affordable Housing Sparks DebateThe city wants to build affordable senior housing on the site of the Elizabeth Street Garden in Little Italy. Now, a nonprofit organization is suing the city to stop that from happening.
Exclusive: Greenpoint Hospital To Become Affordable Housing UnitsGreenpoint hospital opened in 1915, but a fly infestation and overcrowding left it in disrepair, closing the facility in 1982.
Jared Kushner's Family Firm Accused Of Pushing Out Tenants20 tenants and former tenants have filed suit against Jared Kushner's family firm for allegedly making living conditions in their building intolerable.
Stringer: Land That Could Be Used For Affordable Housing Sits VacantAs the homeless shelter population rises, a new audit shows the city is sitting on undeveloped land that could help fix the problem.
NYC Plans To Use Pension Fund Money To Support Affordable HousingThe city comptroller made a special note, saying part of the money is being set aside to help returning veterans get mortgages to buy affordable housing.
Westchester County’s Zoning Laws ‘Deemed Acceptable’ Following Years-Long Fight With FedsWestchester County’s long-running fight with the federal government over allegations of housing discrimination reached a milestone Tuesday, impacting the county’s racial integration.