Cuomo: Amazon Backing Out 'The Greatest Tragedy I Have Seen Since I Have Been In Government'Cuomo said the project would've have brought in 25,000 jobs and $27 billion in revenues in exchange for $3 billion in incentives, and mocked those he said failed to understand it.
De Blasio Says Amazon 'Just Plain Walked Away' From NYC, Residents Still Divided On Failed DealReaction to Amazon’s decision to pull the plug on a second headquarters in Long Island City, Queens has become just as divisive as the agreement itself.
How Amazon's Cancel Of HQ Deal Is Affecting NYC's Real Estate MarketNancy Wu from StreetEasy tells how the real estate market will be affected now that Amazon headquarters will not be coming to New York.
Amazon Pulls Out Of HQ2 Deal With New York CityThe controversial Amazon deal is dead. The internet giant put a statement on its blog Thursday saying it will not put a second headquarters in Long Island City, and has no plans to look elsewhere.
Amazon's Stunning Decision Catches Business Owners, Realtors In Queens Off GuardMost realtors and businesses owner in Long Island City are in a state of shock over the end of the Amazon deal.
Expert: Amazon's Reversal On NYC HQ Plans 'An Enormous Surprise'Aaron Elstein of Crains New York, calls Amazon's reversal of its NYC headquarters plan "an enormous surprise," expecting the retail giant to absorb the negative publicity and stay the course.
Gov. Cuomo Statement On The Collapse Of Amazon HQ DealThe day Amazon announced it's backing out of the deal to build a new headquarters in Queens, the governor blasted critics who he accused of short-sighted local politics.
Amazon's Statement On Dropping NYC HQ PlansThe internet giant put a statement on its blog Thursday saying it will not pursue a second headquarters in Long Island City, and has no plans to look elsewhere.
With Amazon Move To NYC In Question, Critics Go Door-To-Door To End The DealThe political opposition stems from the city's $2.8 billion in incentives promised to the trillion-dollar company. Local leaders are also concerned that the incoming jobs would be non-union.
Report: Amazon Reconsidering NYC Headquarters Amid Growing OppositionAmazon is reconsidering its plan to open its second headquarters in Long Island City, according to a report in the Washington Post. 
Gianaris Speaks Out On Pending Amazon Deal For NYC HQState Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris talks about his issues with the deal to let Amazon build their new headquarters in Long Island City.
State Senate Democrats Deal Potential Blow To Amazon DealOpen warfare erupted in the state capital Tuesday over the controversial Amazon deal.
City Council Continues To Scrutinize Amazon DealThe Seattle-based tech firm continues to push for community support. 
'What's Wrong With Amazon' Forum Offer Cautionary Tale From SeattleOfficials from Seattle who lived through the impact of a new Amazon headquarters were in midtown Monday to clue New Yorkers in on the good, the bad and the ugly.
Problem Parrot Now Using Amazon Alexa To Order SnacksRocco the parrot was caught using Amazon's Alexa voice assist to shop online while his owner was away.