De Blasio Taken Out To Woodshed For Lateness To Flight 587 Memorial Ceremony"Rude.” “Disrespectful.” “Insulting.” Those were words used by various voters to describe Mayor Bill de Blasio's tardiness at a memorial ceremony for Flight 587.
Mayor De Blasio Arrives Late To Flight 587 Memorial CeremonyRelatives of the 260 people who died on American Airlines Flight 587 have commemorated the jetliner's crash in with a solemn ceremony in the Rockaways.
Belle Harbor Remembers Victims Of American Airlines Flight 587 CrashAs residents deal with the loss of life and dozens of homes in the aftermath of Sandy, the tight-knit community is coming together to remember those lost in the crash 11 years ago.
Bone Marrow Drive Being Held For Bronx Man In Need Of TransplantDianos Guerrero Baez is battling leukemia and the best matches for a bone marrow transplant were killed in the crash of American Airlines flight 587.
Bronx Man Whose Family Was Killed In Plane Crash Still Fighting Leukemia"My mother's death and my two little sisters' deaths, I would rather get cancer over again," said Dionis Guerrero Baez.
Hundreds Gather To Honor Flight 587 Victims On 10th AnniversaryAmerican Airlines Flight 587 crashed in Belle Harbor, Queens, and what many thought to be a potential terror attack turned out to be just a tragic accident resulting from pilot error. Still 265 people died. Hundreds gathered on Saturday to honor the victims on the 10th anniversary.
Flight 587 Remembered On 10th AnniversaryFamily members mourned for their lost loved ones on Saturday morning at a memorial marking the 10th anniversary of the flight’s crash.