DA: Man Chases Down MTA Bus, Pulls Loaded Gun On Driver Over Allegedly Missing StopTony Burnett, 28, is accused of pulling a loaded .38 caliber revolver on a bus driver he claims failed to pick him up at a stop.
Demanding Answers: With Rain In Subways And Objects Coming Down All Over, MTA Has Some Explaining To DoThere is misery on the subway, from falling debris to flooded subway stations every time it rains. Should commuters really have to deal with this?
Considering Serious Changes, MTA Board May Shift Transit Guru Byford To More Diminished RoleThe board is expected to get proposals -- as early as Monday -- on how to restructure the agency. That could mean a different role for city transit chief Andy Byford.
NYPD Begins New 'Summons Diversion' Program In The Hope Of Getting Homeless Off The SubwaysIncidents involving the homeless have more than tripled in the past decade, many causing serious delays. Now, the police have a potential solution.
'Stupid, Dangerous, Selfish:' NYPD Trying To Track Down Suspects Surfing Subway Trains And Pulling BrakesSurveillance video shows one man surfing a northbound 2 train at the 14th Street and Seventh Avenue subway station on Tuesday. Police say he rode for several stops before pulling the emergency brakes.
Subway Chief Slams Suspect's 'Stupid, Dangerous' Stunts Shutting Down Trains Around NYC“This is stupid, it's dangerous, it's selfish, and it’s got to stop,” New York City Transit Authority president Andy Byford said during an MTA board meeting.
'It Was Something Indescribable': Video Of Disgusting, Trash-Strewn Subway Car Goes ViralA video of garbage piled up on a subway car has gone viral on social media. Riders are livid after seeing the dirty conditions and now want to see accountability.
With L Train Slowdown Looming, MTA Urging Riders To Find Different RoutesBrooklyn resident and regular L train rider Amanda Guest had her questions answered face-to-face by an MTA employee this weekend.
MTA Stepping Up Push To Stop Bus Fare SkippersA renewed push to cull fare beaters is underway, much to the relief of honest riders.
MTA Report Reveals Improvement In Subway On-Time Performance, But Riders Say They Don't See ItTrying to prove the billions of dollars from congestion pricing really will fix mass transit, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials say they've already made what they call "dramatic" headway.
NYPD 'Eagle Teams' Cracking Down On Bus Fare SkippingAccording to MTA officials, people skipping out on paying fares on city buses led to more than $128 million in lost revenue last year alone.