Mom Says 'Dragon's Breath' Cereal Treats Sent Her Son To The HospitalIt's called Dragon's Breath. The trendy dessert infuses treats like cereal with liquid nitrogen, causing the eater to blow smoke when the food enters their mouth.
New Type Of Therapy Helps Control AsthmaMore than 24 million American have asthma and about 10 percent have a hard time controlling it, despite treatment.
Swimming Helps Kids With Asthma Stay Active Without Straining LungsChildren with asthma have a tough time staying in shape, because exercise can sometimes trigger attacks.
Health Watch: Many Children With Asthma Don't Use Their Inhalers CorrectlyFor 10-year-old Amanda Grabel, her asthma was so severe, it became life threatening.
Bronchial Thermoplasty Offers Adults Asthma Treatment Without Drugs Or InhalersA promising new treatment for adults with severe asthma doesn't include drugs or inhalers with a lot of side effects.
Vitamin D Could Prove To Be Cheap, Over-The-Counter Alternative To InhalersMore than 25-million Americans have asthma -- a number that keeps on climbing. While many are controlled with medication, about half of all asthmatics still have an attack in a given year.
App Helping To Keep Asthma Patients Out Of The ERWatching 3-year-old Karma Taylor play, you might think there is nothing that slows her down. But like more than 6 million other children in the U.S., Karma has asthma, which used to get so bad, she often wound up in the emergency department.
Sen. Gillibrand Proposes Legislation To Help Schools With Asthmatic StudentsIn the Bronx, crisscrossed by expressways and dotted with old industrial sites, asthma rates are sky high.
New N.Y. State Law Allows Kids To Bring Anti-Asthma Nebulizers Onto Athletic FieldsA new law goes into effect Wednesday that will help some kids – and their parents – breathe easier.
Enterovirus D68: What Every Parent Should KnowParents should be prepared for a new virus that is infecting the Midwest and looking to sweep the nation.
New York Family Reunites With FDNY Heroes Who Saved Son's LifeIt was a day to remember for Brian Davis, not only because he celebrated his 7th birthday, but also because he got a chance to meet the men who saved his life.