Qantas Test Flight Completes Record 19-Hour Non-Stop Flight From New York To SydneyWith 49 people on board, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flight completed the 10,066-mile journey from New York to Sydney in 19 hours and 16 minutes.
Rooster Pecks Woman To Death After Causing Freak, Devastating Vein InjuryAccording to professionals reporting the case in the journal Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, the 76-year-old in Australia was collecting eggs when the rooster started pecking at her left leg.
Man Taking Flying Lesson Lands Plane On His Own After Flight Instructor Passes Out In Mid-AirImagine you’re learning how to fly a plane and you’re suddenly left alone in the middle of sky without knowing how to land.
Airline To Test Non-Stop Flights From New York To AustraliaThe airline will conduct test flights in October, November and December to see how being on a plane that long affects flight crews and passengers.
Nude Golf Event In Full Swing At Course In AustraliaOn a golf course in northern Australia, everything is swinging — because 30 players are in the nude.
Family Of 7 Dead In What May Be Australia's Worst Mass Shooting In 22 YearsA family of seven including four children was found dead with gunshot wounds Friday at a rural property in southwest Australia.
Scientists 'Miserable' After World's Oldest Spider Dies At 43The record-breaking arachnid was 15 years older than any other spider scientists have found.
Australian Police Chase Rogue Wallaby Across Sydney Harbor BridgeAussie police never expected that apprehending this runaway suspect from the outback would turn into a full-on car chase.
Did You Know Kangaroos Were Afraid Of Baby Birds? You Do Now!They may be called kangaroos, but they sure look more like fraidy cats to us!
Watch These Adorable Red Panda Triplets Celebrate Their First Birthday"Mohan," "Raj," and "Pindhu" live at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia and just had the most adorable birthday party ever!
Even Zoo Animals Get Excited Over Santa Bringing Them Holiday TreatsJolly ol' Saint Nick made an early stop at Sydney's Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia to bring some Christmas cheer to the lovable animals in residence.