Bail Reform: Jordan Randolph Indicted In Crash That Killed Long Island Man, 'I'll Be Out Tomorrow'Randolph is accused of drunk driving in a Jan. 12 crash that killed 27-year-old Jonathan Flores-Maldonado.
What Deficit? Gov. Cuomo To Work Some Fiscal Magic In $178B New York State BudgetThe state has a $6 billion shortfall, but the governor has a plan to fix that problem too.
Bail Reform: Law Enforcement On Long Island Band Together To Recommend ChangesThere is a new chorus of calls for changes to bail reform in New York state, just three weeks after it took effect.
Bail Reform: Backlash Growing After Mounting Number Of Immediate Repeat OffendersFamilies and judges are grappling over the issue of bail reform, and one family worries their son is becoming the poster child for what's wrong with changes in the criminal justice system.
Exclusive: Long Island Family Blames College Graduate Son's Death On Bail ReformA devastated family says their son was killed in a crash with a drunk driver who should've never been on the road. And they're blaming bail reform for putting him there.
'Something Is Necessary. The Question Is What': Cuomo Says Changes Needed To Bail Reform LawIn his strongest statements to date, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday changes to the state's controversial criminal justice reform laws are necessary because "job one" is to protect the public.
Assault Suspect Arrested For 3rd Time Within Hours After Another ReleaseA homeless man is facing new charges Sunday after he's accused in a string of violent attacks.
Homeless Man Who Was Arrested, Released After Allegedly Knocking Out Woman's Tooth Arrested AgainInvestigators say Webb has a history of assaulting women for no reason.
Bail Reform: Suffolk County Sheriff Says Law Is Preventing Some Inmates From Receiving Needed HelpThe sheriff says jail offers inmates a chance to detox and receive substance abuse counseling and job training.
After Repeated Brutal Attacks, Bail Reform Critics Call For ChangeDemand for changes to the state's new criminal justice reform laws mount as a homeless man is released without bail after the two separate unprovoked attacks on women.
'How Many More Times Do We Have To Keep Putting Her In?' Long Island Officials Exasperated After Bail Reform Lets Repeat Offender Walk AwayAs a repeat offender, Maria Campione has been released four times in the past seven days without having to post bail.