During Questioning In Albany, NYPD Commissioner Shea Backtracks On Bail Reform Law As Big Reason For Gun ViolenceThere has been a stunning about face by NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea on the causes of the city's seemingly uncontrollable gun violence.
Juvian Rodriguez, Suspect Accused Of Making Anti-Asian Remarks To Undercover Officer, Released From Police CustodyUnder last year's state bail reform laws, attacks that don't cause injury are exempt from bail.
Mayor, NYPD Officials Fume After Bridge Assault Suspect Released Without Bail; Commissioner Says ‘The World… Seems Like It’s Upside Down’NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan was hurt in Wednesday’s scuffle and called the judge’s decision “reckless.”
NYC Sees Surge In Shootings As Mayor Balances Calls For Police Reform With Need For SafetyAccording to the NYPD, there were 125 shooting incidents in the first three weeks of June alone.
Amid NYC Violence, Manhattan DA Asks Gov. Cuomo To Use Emergency Powers To Enable Judges To Hold Looters On BailManhattan District Attorney Cy Vance says the looters who vandalized stores and caused untold millions of dollars of damage and loss should face harsher penalties.
Police Capture 5 Suspects In Long Island's 'South American Theft Group' From ChilèThe incidents are leaving life-long North Shore residents living in fear and angry since some previously arrested suspects have been released under new bail reform laws.
Bail Reform: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Says Current Law Should Have Been More Strict, Suggests ChangesThe governor is planning to hold a public discussion with district attorneys from around the state.
Bail Reform: State Senate Democrats Propose Fix For Controversial New LawGov. Andrew Cuomo appeared to support the Senate plan, saying he proposed the same thing last year.
Bail Reform: Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez Demands Changes To Controversial LawsGonzalez, one of the most liberal prosecutors in the state, is also facing an uptick in crime in his borough.
Mayor Bill De Blasio Defends Policing Policies As NYPD Statistics Show Rise In Shootings, Other Major CrimesOnly two of the seven major categories are down -- murder is down nearly 21% and rape is down 18%.
Bail Reform: Jordan Randolph Indicted In Crash That Killed Long Island Man, 'I'll Be Out Tomorrow'Randolph is accused of drunk driving in a Jan. 12 crash that killed 27-year-old Jonathan Flores-Maldonado.