Homeless Man Who Was Arrested, Released After Allegedly Knocking Out Woman's Tooth Arrested AgainInvestigators say Webb has a history of assaulting women for no reason.
Bail Reform: Suffolk County Sheriff Says Law Is Preventing Some Inmates From Receiving Needed HelpThe sheriff says jail offers inmates a chance to detox and receive substance abuse counseling and job training.
After Repeated Brutal Attacks, Bail Reform Critics Call For ChangeDemand for changes to the state's new criminal justice reform laws mount as a homeless man is released without bail after the two separate unprovoked attacks on women.
'How Many More Times Do We Have To Keep Putting Her In?' Long Island Officials Exasperated After Bail Reform Lets Repeat Offender Walk AwayAs a repeat offender, Maria Campione has been released four times in the past seven days without having to post bail.
Bail Reform: NYC Public Advocate Holds Rally To Dispel Myths About New LawSupporters of the state's new bail reform policy gathered Tuesday to address what they call misinformation about bail reform.
Bail Reform: Cuomo Admits New Law Needs To Be RevampedGov. Andrew Cuomo has become the latest politician to jump off the no-cash bail bandwagon.
Neighbors Upset Long Island Peeping Tom Suspect Freed Due To New Bail Reform LawsThere has been a disturbing arrest following charges that a Long Island man was spying on his neighbor as she bathed.
Police: Long Island Burglary Spree Suspect Released Under Bail Reform, Then Robs Another Store Hours LaterConway was arrested a day later and charged with 3rd degree burglary, a charge that is no longer eligible for bail or pretrial detention.
Fatal Hit-And-Run Suspect Released Under Bail Reform Arrested By ICE, Entered U.S. IllegallyThat driver, 27-year-old Jorge Flores-Villalba, had been released under New York’s new bail reform law – despite being charged with a felony for the deadly accident.
Bail Reform: NY Senate Majority Leader Ready To Consider Changes To Controversial New LawsIn the three days since New York's criminal justice reform law took effect, people charged with committing anti-Semitic hate crimes have made headlines because, under the law, judges freed them without bail.
Bail Reform In N.Y., Marijuana Showdown In N.J. Among New Legislation To Watch In 2020The revelry of ringing in the new year comes with a host of new laws taking effect in the Tri-State Area, including some that mean more money in your pocket and some that don't.