Bed Bugs Infest Brooklyn College LibraryBed bugs have infested the library at Brooklyn College.
Report: Number Of Bed Bugs At NYC Hotels SkyrocketingA disturbing report has been released showing that the number of bed bugs at New York City hotels has been skyrocketing.
Not All Of Manhattan's Bedbugs Are The Same, Research ShowsResearch shows that the genetic makeup of bedbug populations in New York City are designated by what region they live in.
Bizarre Dispute Over Food, Bed Bugs Leads To Arrest Of NJ ManAccording to Police Sergeant Darren Tynan, this is the first time the local police department ever received a call like this, and it left the officers a little surprised.
Seen At 11: Professor Braves Thousands Of Bed Bug Bites In Name Of ResearchBed bugs have been frustrating New Yorkers for years, piggybacking on clothes, hitching rides in taxis, and worst of all cozying up in bed at night.
Bedbugs Reported On Another N Train; Conductor Says She Was BittenBedbugs were reported on yet another subway train Monday, when a conductor reported she was bitten on an N Train.
Report: Bedbugs Found In Health Department Building In QueensBedbugs have infested a New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene office building in Long Island City, Queens, according to a published report.
Buyer Beware, Books Bought At Chappaqua Library's Used Book Sale Could Be Carrying Bed BugsOn Saturday anybody who bought books during the sale can bring them to the parking lot across the street for treatment.
Stony Brook Researchers Have New Tool In Fight Against BedbugsResearchers at Stony Brook University have developed what is essentially a man-made spider web that stops bugs in their tracks.
Bed Bugs Found In Books At Hamden LibraryThese days, book borrowers may be taking home more than they bargained for from their local library.
Nina In New York: Bed Bug TormentDid you ever see “Final Destination?” You can’t cheat death—or bed bugs. It’s only a matter of time.