Bloomberg, Trump Trade Barbs On Twitter, Fueling FeudAs the battle for the White House continues to heat up, President Trump and Michael Bloomberg escalated their feud on Thursday, taking to Twitter to trade insults.
New Hampshire Primary: Bernie Sanders Wins, CBS News ProjectsBernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary, CBS News projected just after 11 p.m. Tuesday.
Democratic Presidential Candidates Criss-Cross New Hampshire Ahead Of PrimaryIn Campaign 2020, the Democratic presidential candidates are criss-crossing New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's primary.
Democrats Take The Stage Ahead Of New Hampshire PrimarySeven of the top Democrats took the stage in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Friday night for a debate four days before the first-in-the-nation primary election in New Hampshire.
Campaign 2020: Iowa Democratic Party Releases Some Caucus ResultsThe Iowa Democratic Party released the majority of the results from the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday.
Campaign 2020: Tight 4-Way Race For Democrats In Iowa CaucusesCBS News is estimating a four-way race between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg as voters' initial preference.
Democratic Presidential Candidates Make Last-Minute Pitches Across IowaDemocratic presidential candidates are making last-minute pitches across Iowa this weekend ahead of Monday's caucuses.
Crowds Camp Out Overnight For President Trump's 'Keep America Great' Rally In New JerseyThe president is hosting a Keep America Great rally at 7 p.m. inside the Wildwoods Convention Center. Doors are scheduled to open at 3 p.m.
Democratic Candidates Meet For Last Debate Before Iowa CaucusesSix Democratic presidential candidates made their case on Tuesday night from Des Moines at the last debate before the Iowa caucuses — the first nominating contest of 2020.
Campaign 2020: New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker Ends Presidential BidThe U.S. senator and former Newark mayor shared the news “with a full heart” this morning on social media.
What's Next After Bloomberg Picks Up 'Judge Judy' Endorsement?Judge Judy is not noted for doing anything halfway, so when she decided to make her first political endorsement ever, she went all-in for the former New York City mayor.